International Women's Day, 2021: Grow your Confidence

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence” - Beyonce.
Would describe yourself as confident? Or is it a feeling you seem to be searching for; elusive, out of reach, but overflowing in other women you know? Women who seem fearless, who carry themselves with such grace and determination.

Boost N Blend Female Hair Loss Stories
Female Hair Loss Influencer, Kim Dubs, discusses her hair loss journey with us in this comprehensive interview.
Do Hair Growth Gummies and Supplements Work?
Whether you have experienced a tragic haircut, post partum hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, you are not alone if you wish there really was something out there that would grow your hair overnight.  So do hair growth gummies and supplements actually work?
Keto Hair Loss – Does a Ketogenic Diet Cause Hair Loss?
Hair loss is a common complaint from women on a ketogenic (keto) diet. However, there is much more at play, it’s not the diet alone that is causing the hair loss. It is important to look to your underlying health. There are many underlying causes  that could be involved, yet prior to the keto diet, were not causing hair loss. The reason for this is that the sudden weight loss that is common in the keto diet can...
What's the difference between Hair Toppers and Wigs?
Women who struggle with hair loss, often consider wearing wigs and hair pieces (also known as toppers) to help disguise thinning hair or visible scalp areas. Wigs and hair toppers can be very useful to women with thinning hair. Whether you're searching for human hair wigs, synthetic wigs or the best clip on hair topper you can find, there's plenty to consider...
The best leave-in conditioner for thin hair

Leave-in conditioner often weighs down fine, thin or thinning hair and leaves it looking limp and greasy. The new Boost N Blend Shape and Shine Mist is an amazing solution for women with thinning hair as the light, hydrating mist has been designed to condition, repair and add lustre and shine without unwanted weight!


Hair Loss Caused by Stress - Could it be Covid-19?
Excess hair in the shower drain, hair shedding during the day, extra hair on the pillow in the morning are all signs of hair loss that could be caused by stress. In our Covid-19 times, it is very possible that the stress caused by fear of the pandemic, job loss, family and relationship stress, could be all be contributing to hair loss.
Can a Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?
Switching to a plant based diet and vegan friendly hair care products, can benefit both hair and scalp health. Most supermarket shampoos and conditioners include parabens and sulphates. These unnecessary chemicals help make the shampoo last longer and create the lather effect, but in fact can be quite detrimental to hair.
2 Things I Did to Grow My Hair Back

Eight years ago, while on holiday overseas, my hair came out in clumps. I remember standing in the hotel bathroom pulling my hair away from my head.

I was absolutely gutted and worried sick. As I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, I tried to imagine me without any hair.

Why was this happening? I thought it was only men who went bald.

How does menopause affect your hair?

As if the mood swings and hot flushes aren’t enough, hair loss during menopause can be a common but troubling symptom to add to the list of changes your body is going though.

Hair loss during menopause is a big issue for some women, for others it's dry and damaged-looking hair. Both equally troubling and problematic when you see your luscious locks disappear as if before your eyes.

5 Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist About Hair Loss
Your hairstylist is a valuable and knowledgeable asset who's already on your team! Don't be afraid to take your discussions one step further and ask these 5 questions...
Hair loss interview with Trichologist, Andrea Clark
Experienced Trichologist, Ms. Andrea Clark has a mission to restore wellbeing from the inside out by bringing to light the connection between hair and health. She answers our questions and addresses a range of concerns for women experiencing the effects of thinning hair and post-pregnancy hair loss.
Top Frizzy Hair Solutions and Accessories for Frizz-Free, Flawless Hair
Everyone loves a great hair accessory. Here's a list of our favourite, tried and tested, frizz-free hair accessories for flawless hair. They won't damage your hair, but rather leave it feeling smooth and silky!
Dry Shampoo Alternative for women with thinning hair
Dry shampoo is not good for your hair. It can cause dry, brittle strands and among a host of other negative side effects, it can clog your pores and suffocate your follicles. If you are a women with thinning hair, then it is a very common misconception that washing your hair every day results in more hair loss. This is not true and using a dry shampoo to avoid daily hair washing is doing so much more damage than washing it more frequently could ever do.
Has Boost N Blend changed the bottle and logo?

Yes, Boost N Blend has changed the bottle and made a few changes to their logo and their overall look! The contents however, are still the same high quality female hair fibres loved the world over by hundreds of thousands of women.

The Boost N Blend bottle is now larger with more value inside and still at the same price! The old 22g bottle has been replaced with a 25g bottle. The old 8g travel purse size bottle has been replaced by the new-look 10g bottle.

Does caffeine shampoo help to grow your hair?
In 2007, a German study showed some evidence that caffeine was able to stimulate hair follicles and activate hair growth under laboratory conditions. This prompted the production of various caffeine-based shampoos, including Alepecin, which claim to aid hair growth, but do caffeine shampoos actually help to grow hair?
5 Common Hair Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
Are you making these common hair damaging mistakes? We are all striving for the best hair we can manage, but could your daily routine be making your hair quality and quantity much worse than it needs to be?
The Mind / Body / Hair Connection
Pretty soon our TV ads and social feeds will be filled with Summer Body challenges and weight loss supplements again. 'THEY' say, "Summer bodies are made in Winter", but WE say it's important to look after yourself (and your hair) all year round! And what's more, a healthy body (and mind) are more closely linked to healthy hair than you know...
BOOSTNBLEND™ is not like dry shampoo...
For many, dry shampoo has been a real game changer. People generally use it on days when they don't have time to wash, dry or style their hair and as a quick fix between sweaty gym workouts! The best dry shampoos claim to soak up oil and clean your hair water-free…
Heathy Hair Tips For Women Over 40

Believe it or not girls, among some of those other changes we can expect to experience in this decade, our hair can begin to lose its shine, its quality and very often it also becomes noticeably thinner. Perhaps you have noticed your part is becoming wider?

Never fear, there are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of your hair and here trained nurse and hair health writer Bambi Staveley, offers some healthy hair tips.

Beware Shampoos with False Promises

Firstly let's get one thing straight: Shampoo cannot grow hair. It is true that female hair loss is more common than you think, with over 40% of women seeing visible signs of hair loss from the age of 30.

So it's little wonder many women are going to extreme lengths (pardon the pun!) to find a solution for their hair loss. With so many so-called "fast hair growth shampoos" on the market we all want to know - does hair growth shampoo really work?

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