Join founder of Boost N Blend Bambi Staveley as she interviews women with hair loss. Learn from other women as they openly share their hair loss stories.

about The Hair Loss in Women Podcast

Are you a woman experiencing hair loss?
Join Bambi Staveley as she talks to women grappling with hair loss as they share their stories with honesty and vulnerability.

Bambi sheds light on their unique experiences, struggles, and triumphs, offering a platform for these women to share their stories. From the emotional impact of hair loss to the journey of self-acceptance and empowerment, Bambi's interviews explore the many aspects of this often-overlooked issue. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women with hair loss and be inspired by their resilience and strength.

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Bambi Staveley has been researching and writing about female hair loss for over a decade. Much of her knowledge is covered in her latest book "HAIR LOSS IN WOMEN"

The Hair Loss in Women Podcast bravely exposes the truth about hair loss in women as heard from the women suffering themselves. Told so beautifully by women who bare their emotions and their souls as they discuss their hair loss with Bambi.

Bambi talks with Jot Ghuliani about her brave decision to tell all about her hair loss on National TV. In the process she discovered some interesting family stories she had not known.

Dee's story provides hope for others who may be struggling with similar challenges, offering insights into the importance of persistence and advocacy in navigating the underlying causes of female hair loss.

In this episode, Bridget (that’s an alias) speaks to Bambi about her hair loss for the first time, and explains why true beauty doesn’t come from what’s on the outside.

After wearing a wig for years, Lesa decided to grow her hair as much as she could and leave her wig days behind. "I went from long and blonde to short and grey. It was the best decision and I do wish that I had made it earlier."

Menopause can often be a time of hair loss for women susceptible to the condition. In this episode Bambi talks to Jan who shares her personal experience of hair loss during menopause.
Bambi talks to Candice who has recently recovered from a bout of TE after a serious illness. You’ll also hear exactly why illness and other stressful events can result in hair loss and what to do about it.
Penny talks about how hard it is to have hair loss as a child and young person and how she has learnt to accept her hair loss as she grew older.
Meet Chelsea who, after many years of hiding her hair loss, decided to shave her hair off. Tune in to hear how that momentous day changed so much in her life.

Alopecia Universalis is complete hair loss. Listen in to hear Shayna’s remarkable positive attitude as she shares some of her experiences living with this kind of hair loss.

Bambi talks to Ashley about her hair loss and what she loves about wearing alternative hair, aka wigs and toppers. Plus more on taking hair loss supplements.