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More than 50% of women experience hairloss at some stage in their lifetime...

About BoostnBlend

We developed BOOSTnBLEND® after discovering that although there are countless cosmetic products available for men to disguise hair loss, there are none that cater specifically to women. That was the trigger to create Balance Hair Technology, an Australian owned company dedicated to finding a solution for the millions of women losing their hair.

It is no surprise that the difference between men and women’s hair is dramatic - different quality, different colours, different textures and different levels of shine. We took all that into account at Balance Hair Technology, and are very proud to launch BOOSTnBLEND® – developed by women just for women.

Shhhh… here’s our secret

One simple secret to having thicker looking hair is to hide any visible scalp. BOOSTnBLEND® does exactly that. And rather than waiting weeks or months to see a difference, the result is immediate. Just shake on the tiny hair-like micro fibers and watch your visible scalp disappear under thicker looking hair. An instant confidence boost!

Go one step further and check out our hairstyle tips, perfect for women with thinning hair. We know you change your style and even your hair colour many times a year, so don't be shy, give our suggestions a try. You’ll be delighted with the transformation.

Join us

Would you like to hear what other women suffering are saying about BOOSTnBLEND®?. Why not join our private Facebook page and chat freely without fear of making your problem public.

Please send us an email when you have tried BOOSTnBLEND® and share your delight with others. We will only use your first name and the state where you live to identify you. Your secret will be safe!

Bambi Demonstrates the Miraculous BOOSTnBLEND®