Boost & Be Growth Boost Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle
Growth Boost Shampoo and Conditioner
Boost & Be Growth Boost Shampoo
Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients
Boost & Be Growth Boost Conditioner
Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients

Growth Boost Shampoo and Conditioner

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Growth Boost Shampoo

Boost & Be #KindToHair 

There’s a lot to like about this invigorating shampoo! Peppermint aromas fill your senses and provide a light and cool tingle to your scalp, so you know it’s working to BOOST your hair and scalp health.

If you are currently going through a bout of hair loss, or any kind of hair thinning including telogen effluvium, or suffer from androgenic alopecia, then you need to ensure that the shampoo you are using is as natural and "nasty" chemical free as you can find.

Boost & Be Growth Boost Shampoo is silicone-free and contains natural botanical ingredients to support the health of follicles and encourage healthy hair.

This is not a bottle full of empty promises to grow miracle hair in 2 weeks. It is a bottle full of nourishing goodness for your hair. Boost & Be products are #KindToHair. So take the time to let them work wonders.  In the meantime, enjoy the feeling of healthy hair with less frizz, reduced breakage and easy stylability.

Packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils, this amazing shampoo has been designed to create the optimum environment for healthy hair growth.

Do you have bleached or damaged hair? Is your hair particularly dry or becoming dry?

If so, we recommend you add our Boost & Be Repair Mask to your weekly or even twice-weekly hair salvation routine. This amazing mask is full of nourishing oils and our follicle-stimulating peppermint oil. It makes a great companion to our Boost & Be Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner.

Instructions: Just before you wash your hair, massage some Boost & Be Repair Mask into your hair, concentrating on the dry areas and/or the ends. Wash and dry your hair as normal......... 

Growth Boost Conditioner

Peppermint aromas continue to fill your senses, but the tingle intensifies with the addition of the extra menthol in this luscious conditioner. BOOST your hair growth with the addition of extra peppermint extracts.

Read the full information about Boost & Be Growth Boost Conditioner here.

Packed full of luscious ingredients and essential oils, this amazing shampoo and conditioner duo has been designed to create the optimum environment for healthy hair.

This product is made in Australia from a host of nourishing ingredients. Vegan, cruelty-free and contains organic ingredients.

Free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, MEA, DEA and artificial colours.

Boost & Be Shampoo is kind to your hair (without all the nasty foaming and sudsing ingredients) so you may find that it is harder to get a good lather. The reason for this is simple: harsh detergents (surfactants) lather up very easily. Milder and gentler surfactants do not.

A great habit to establish is washing your hair thoroughly with water first – before you apply shampoo. This helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps rinse away any product, dust and grime as an initial step.

Secondly, it helps to saturate the hair shafts so that your shampoo can coat and cleanse all the strands. This step also helps to create a better lather in a gentle shampoo.

When you rinse your hair don’t aim for ‘squeaky clean’. Get to know how it feels when your hair has been cleansed effectively, but not over-cleansed.

Best Conditioning Technique:
Just as we dry our faces before applying moisturiser to optimise absorption, I recommend towel drying between the shampooing and conditioning steps. If this sounds like too much effort, hear me out!

Hair towels, like the Boost N Blend microfibre towels, are light and easy to hang. You can place one on the outside of the shower handle or door handle, or sling it over the bath or the top of the shower wall so it can be easily reached. A soft hand towel will also do. After shampooing, poke your head out from the water stream and give it a quick pat dry – it only takes a few seconds to dry off the bulk of the water.

You will find that your conditioner clings better to the hair for longer, giving it the chance to absorb well and do its job properly.

Comb conditioner through if you like and always leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing if you have time to spare. If you have a scalp massager, use it at this point. One way to stimulate your follicles is to massage them. Every day if you can.

When it’s time to rinse out your conditioner, aim to cleanse it gently away until you can no longer feel the slippery texture of it in your hair rather than achieve the ‘squeak’.

Aim for soft and silky, not squeaky.


Peppermint oil has been shown in clinical studies to affect hair growth by increasing skin thickness, follicle number and follicle depth. Caffeine and lavender oil are also well known for their use in supporting hair growth. Along with the remarkable properties found in rosemary leaf oil, this product delights your senses and delivers a range of essential nutrients to support healthy hair growth.

Naturally boost your hair health with hydrolised wheat protein which strengthens and supports the hair’s natural structure along with hydrolised keratin and Brazil nut protein.

Silicone FREE.


Peppermint oil has been shown in clinical studies^ to affect hair growth. This remarkable conditioner has the added benefits of Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Water, which prevents the build-up of chemicals and dead skin while keeping hair healthy and moisturised.

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kind to hair

Looking for the best shampoo for female hair loss? Our unique formula supports women who are struggling with fine, thin, or thinning hair. Developed by Bambi Staveley, a former nurse who experienced this condition herself, our products have been created to give you back your confidence at home and on the go....

Are you experiencing female hair loss? Does your shampoo and conditioner need an upgrade? Boost N Blend has a collection of hair growth shampoo and conditioner products – each tried, tested, and backed by years of scientific research. We have a range of solutions to help put an extra spring back in your step. If you want to add extra shine or volume, update your regular care routine, or look for ways to improve overall hair health, read on to learn more about our shampoo and conditioners.

before & after

Light Silver Grey Boost N Blend Hair Fibres Before and After

As I'm getting older I'm finding my hair is getting thinner (I didn't know that was even possible). A friend mentioned Boost N Blend™ to me and I thought I'd give it a try. It definitely makes a difference and blends in perfectly. You can't see where it is, but you can see the difference it has made.


Black RootZ Concealer Before and After

I have used the product for few months now and found it better than hair wax and hair sprays. It covers up my greys perfectly As well as a thinning area which I like to hide. I love it so much, i have found sprays and hair wax cause itching and this product doesn’t. thank you for this game changer.


So excited that i've found a cosmetic cover up that can hide my thinning hair in just a few seconds - but more importantly, hide my scalp from everyone. It's ok for guys to be thinning but it's not ok for women to have thinning hair and a visible scalp. Now I can leave the house without worrying what people think.


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