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    Gray Hair Cover Ups Made Easy

    Boost N Blend knows the unique challenges women face when it comes to their hair – and we’re here to save the day. If you’re in between salon visits and need to cover any pesky grays, our Rootz formula provides a quick and easy gray hair cover-up so you can step out and get on with things.

    Created by women for women, our unique Rootz formula covers thinning patches, dark roots and extends highlights without any peroxide. From cover-up to helping women with hair loss, we understand your challenges and we’re here to help you solve them.

    Need a quick touch-up? Welcome to Boost N Blend – giving you the boost you need to head out with confidence.

    Rootz: Gray Root Touch-Up at Home

    We know how easy it is to feel less than confident on a bad hair day. We’ve been there. Whether you’re struggling with early grays or thinning, when it comes to facing hair loss we have the solutions.

    Our Rootz formula is designed for quick, easy application both at home and on the go. Curious as to how our gray root coverage stays put even in the wind and rain?

    • Vegan Formula: We rely on natural ingredients to thicken and color your locks. It does this by securely clinging to each strand to boost its volume – meaning your color will stay put and not run when exposed to wet weather.
    • Waterproof: That’s right, Rootz is 100% waterproof – you can even swim with it in. Once dry, it won’t come off in your hands – but will wash out easily when you need it to.
    • Color Matching: Our industry-leading stylists regularly review our formulas to make sure they represent most (if not all) natural colors. We have a money-back guarantee and offer a free color swap if it’s not quite right.
    • Tried and Tested: We thoroughly trial and test our products before releasing them to our community. (After all, we’re here to make your life easier, not harder). From rain and wind to hard-hitting workouts, we make sure that our formula and color stays put – no matter what you’re up to.

    So how does the formula work? Easy.

    • Open the concealer compact with your color-matched shade.
    • Lightly brush the formula onto areas of gray.
    • Blend into surrounding areas or layers to ensure a consistent look.
    • Dry and style hair if usual. (Yes, it can even be used on wet and dry hair!)

    Have further questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team, or check out our blog for handy hints.

    Quick and Easy Gray Root Cover Ups

    Whether you’re facing accelerated hair loss, early-onset grays or visible thinning, Boost N Blend is here to help revive your locks and restore your confidence so you can go about your day. We’ll be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.

    Interested in trying out our products for yourself? Order online or contact our team for more information at