5 Styling Tips for Thinning Hair
If you’re experiencing thinning hair, you’re definitely not alone! And thin hair ladies know that properly styling their hair can be the difference between an ok hair day and a great hair day.  What works for one person with thick...
Impact of Stress on Hair Loss - Stress Awareness Month
This Stress Awareness Month we’re taking the time to look further into the impact of stress on our lives, and perhaps even on our hair.  The fact is, that stress can be a contributing factor into female hair loss.  And...
The Dangers of Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo's allure lies in its ability to absorb excess oil, revitalize limp hair, and extend the time between washes. You might think of it as a handy fix in a pinch, and a simple way to avoid the full...
How to Stimulate your Hair Follicles
 If you’re experiencing thinning hair, you have probably tried anything and everything to help boost your hair growth! Luckily there are three simple things we can do at home to help our scalp health and stimulate our hair follicles. Increase...
Should I be taking biotin for my hair loss?
Did you know that taking too much biotin can cause hair loss? Do you know how much biotin is too much? Are you familiar with the ingredients list of the supplements you are taking to ensure you aren't taking too much? If not, you have to read this.
Boost N Blend Colours
It can be hard to pick a colour from a small swatch on screen, so we find it helpful to know a little more about the tones of the shades, so help match your hair colour the best.   Going...
Free Chapter of Hair Loss in Women
If you've walked away from a doctor's appointment almost in tears wondering where to now. If your doctor couldn't offer you any decent advice or dismissed your hair concerns, then this is the book for you. Former Registered Nurse, hair loss...
6 Ways to Hide Hair Loss and Thinning Hair in a Female

Looking for answers on how to hide hair loss in women?

If thinning hair, or the visibility of your scalp or bald patches are worrying you then here are six easy ways for a female to hide hair loss. There are also some handy tips on preventing or slowing hair loss in women.


Is your hair dry and brittle? Or are you seeing lots of breakage and split ends? It sounds like your hair could be damaged.  If you have fine or thinning hair you'll need to keep your hair in great condition so that you can keep what you have and give your scalp and foollicles the best chance possible to grow new healthy hair.  So how can you repair damaged hair?
Miracle Hair Loss Cures?

You only have to spend a short time on Google or Facebook to be inundated by some pretty weird hair loss ‘cures’.  There’s no shortage of claims that one thing or another has worked miracles to stop hair loss and grow new hair!  For women who are experiencing hair loss, who are already feeling vulnerable and self-conscious this can be such a slippery slope.  

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia | Interview with Rosemary
Interview with Rosemary @when.will.it.stop.falling.out #hairlossawarenessmonth August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and in celebration we wanted to reach out to one of our lovely customers Rosemary @when.will.it.stop.falling.out who is sharing her alopecia and hair loss experience on social media.   1. WHEN...
Can Laser Therapy Help Hair Loss?

Laser therapy and LLLT use medical grade laser to deliver a safe, low levels of laser light directly to your scalp and hair follicles and help to stimulate growth.  There are a few different hypotheses for exactly how hair growth is achieved.

There are multiple devices on the market for in clinic, or at home use. 

Causes of Female Hair Loss Explained in Detail
There is quite a lot of research that has been done on thinning hair in women and the causes are many and varied.  Here is a summary of much of that research creating eight of the most common causes of hair loss in women. About the Author: Bambi Staveley is a trained nurse, author of many articles as well as the well known book Hair Loss in Women and a female hair loss sufferer herself.
The truth about silicones in hair care products
If you have fine, thinning or compromised hair you know how important it is to be mindful of what you put on your scalp and how you treat your hair.  So it’s natural to be curious and informed about the latest ingredients on the good and the naughty list.  
FDA Approves New Hair Growth Drug
You may have been buoyed as I was at the news just out today that the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) has approved a new drug for the treatment of Alopecia Areata (AA). This is, or rather could be, really great news. 
How often should you actually wash your hair?
How often should you actually wash your hair? It’s the million dollar question, and one that has been debated by experts forever.  But is there actually a definitive answer?
Is stress causing my hair loss
With so much going on, it’s no wonder many of us feel a continual level of stress. Have you paused to think what kind of impact stress is having on your hair? Why does this happen? And what can we do about it.
How to fight the Frizz
Frizz fighting treatments can often weigh down fine, thin or thinning hair leaving it looking limp and heavy. The new Boost & Be Lightweight Frizz Free Spray is an amazing solution for women with thinning hair.  Adding moisture and strength to fight the frizz, without weighing it down.
2022 Hair Trends for Women with Thinning Hair
It's 2022 and it's the perfect time to start fresh with a gorgeous new hairstyle. Modern trends don't always suit women with thinning hair... but 2022 is different. Several 2022 female hair trends are perfect for women with thinning hair.
Is peppermint shampoo really good for your hair?
You've likely tried at least one shampoo with an 'on-trend' ingredient in it. Activated Charcoal? Aloe Vera? Provitamin B5? You may have missed out on trying one of the best ones though... PEPPERMINT OIL!
Does this cause Hair Loss? 8 Myths about Hair Loss Debunked
Does this cause hair loss? The Internet is full of myths about hair loss! Some are totally left field, and some do leave people wondering, could this be true? We have the answers.
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