Free Chapter of Hair Loss in Women

Free Chapter of Hair Loss in Women

If you've walked away from a doctor's appointment almost in tears wondering where to now. If your doctor couldn't offer you any decent advice or dismissed your hair concerns, then this is the book for you. Former Registered Nurse, hair loss expert and creator of Boost N Blend, Bambi Staveley has answered every question you could possibly ask about female hair loss in her second book.

“Every woman with hair loss needs to read this book. There is so much in it, all well researched. Such great advice too. I am taking some of what I learnt from this book and am sharing it with my clients in my practice” Andrea Clark, Trichologist

This book is a complete life changer. Every possible cause and every possible solution is comprehensively covered in this must-have book. 

Not only does Bambi cover her personal journey with hair loss, and her road to complete recovery, including exactly what she did to get her hair back (no there are no miracle products involved!) she provides you with the benefit of over 10 years of painstaking research. Her knowledge picks up where most medical practitioners leave off. If you are not satisfied with the medical advice you are getting, then you need this book. Bambi's research and her wisdom as an RN ensures that this comprehensive book answsers every conceivable question you may have.


Chapter 1 

"Why I wrote this book"

Hair loss for a woman can be a devastating blow. A blow to our self-esteem and our very identity.

Like me, you have no doubt been searching the internet for answers, only to discover a world of contradictory information and a sea of so-called magic potions, drops, supplements and miracle cures all competing for our desperate dollar.

You are probably confused by all the conflicting advice, whether from doctors, other women or online charlatans and haircare product companies, all with something to sell. Working your way through this is a daunting task along with the constant worry that you may never get your hair back and living with the fear of going bald.

I know firsthand that this search is not straightforward. Since my own personal hair loss journey began over a decade ago, I have been painstakingly researching women’s hair loss, reading every bit of science I could find. I’m a former regis- tered nurse (RN) with a burning desire to find answers and to help others. When I realised that the information available for women was sadly lacking, as was the knowledge and advice from the medical fraternity in general, I realised I had a lot of work to do.

The first time you noticed your hair loss is probably embedded in your memory, as it is for me. I remember the moment – exactly where I was and where I was sitting – when someone said that they’d noticed I was losing my hair. Until that point I had thought I was covering it with styling. But sadly, apparently not.

I recall every single moment in my early hair loss journey as if it was yesterday: the day my hair stylist pointed to a small round bald patch above my left ear that I had no idea was even there; the day on holiday in Cyprus when I pulled a fistful of hair out of my head; the gut-wrenching, sick-in-the-stomach feeling of knowing my hair was slowly but surely dwindling; and the growing worry that one day I may lose it all.

One of the hardest things about female hair loss for me initially was the lack of support available and the lack of visibility about the issue in main media, and in my everyday life from others in the same predicament. Until this happened to me, I hadn’t really noticed women with hair loss. I may have seen the odd female here and there, possibly two in my whole life, but I hadn’t registered it as a universal issue. And the diffi- culty with that is the tendency to feel very alone.

Thankfully there is now a plethora of support groups online and I’m a member of many of them. I moderate one myself. But most women who join are incredulous themselves that this is happening to them as they, like me and probably like you, had no idea that this could happen to a woman.

Unfortunately, society is quick to judge – and women tend to feel judged pretty easily. But we have to remember that we are so much more than our hair. And while we may feel that everyone is looking, they are probably not.

I imagine, like me, you took to the internet in the hunt for answers – I’m sure you can relate to endless Google searching. Unfortunately, back in 2008 when this all began for me, I found that the answers I was looking for were frustratingly lacking. Hair loss in men dominated the information landscape. Hair loss in women, although acknowledged, was sorely lacking in research and advice, and in fact, still is.

During my many hours of research, I did discover that hair loss is a rapidly rising phenomenon in women. I discov- ered that women all over the world were suffering from thin- ning hair, yet almost all of the research was on men. Even the cosmetic solutions available were almost exclusively for men.


This intrigued me: where else have we seen a cosmetic for men with no female equivalent? Surely other women felt as I did. I needed an aesthetic solution for my thinning hair so that I could feel confident while I continued to search for answers. And opening my bathroom cupboard to take out a men’s hair loss product every day was not going to do it for me.

For many women, hair loss has crushed their confidence, creating social isolation and avoidance due to a deep embar- rassment. As a former RN I am astutely aware of the substan- tial psychosocial impact of hair loss on women and the damage this can do to a woman’s self-esteem. With many years in medical marketing and as an entrepreneur, and with the understanding from my own personal lived experience, I felt I needed to demystify this largely misunderstood condition and learn as much as I could about female hair loss. I had a deep desire to help women understand this condition while doing all I could to find the answers. At the same time, I needed to make an immediate cosmetic solution available for women.

By 2013 the findings of my independent research had become a popular women’s hair loss blog.1 I had developed a range of cosmetic products designed specifically for women to provide an instant aesthetic solution to the problem, and by 2016 I had written my first book on the topic.

In the years since, I have continued my research and have learnt so much more. I have much to share with you.

If you are feeling rejected by doctors who believe there is nothing they can do, or who want to prescribe medication you are unsure about, then let me assure you, there are answers here in my book for you.

You may have bought this book to help educate yourself on the loss of your once-healthy hair. You may have lost your hair gradually or suddenly or perhaps you’ve never had a mane of thick, healthy hair and you’re looking for ways to improve your hair health. In this book you will discover there are many factors and causes involved in poor hair health and female hair loss. I believe there is never just one cause at play; there is almost always more than one cause operating at any one time. I wrote this book to help you get to the bottom of the causes of your hair loss, and to guide you in creating a strategy for improving it.

As you will read at various points in this book, I have most of my hair back now – not due to an expensive supplement, miracle oil, spray or potion or any other product I am going to convince you to buy – so you can rest easy on that!

My hair is much thicker than it was 10 years ago due to an increased understanding of the causes of my hair loss and a consistent commitment to rectifying those.

I am going to share with you firsthand what can be done.

So lets get into it...


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