Hair Loss in Women - Understand why this is happening to you and learn how to turn your hair growth back on

Hair Loss in Women - Understand why this is happening to you and learn how to turn your hair growth back on

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If you've walked away from a doctor's appointment almost in tears wondering where to now. If your doctor couldn't offer you any decent advice or dismissed your hair concerns, then this is the book for you. Former Registered Nurse, hair loss expert and creator of Boost N Blend, Bambi Staveley has answered every question you could possibly ask about female hair loss in her second book.

“Every woman with hair loss needs to read this book. There is so much in it, all well researched. Such great advice too. I am taking some of what I learnt from this book and am sharing it with my clients in my practice” Andrea Clark, Trichologist

This book is a complete life changer. Every possible cause and every possible solution is comprehensively covered in this must-have book. 

Not only does Bambi cover her personal journey with hair loss, and her road to complete recovery, including exactly what she did to get her hair back (no there are no miracle products involved!) she provides you with the benefit of over 10 years of painstaking research. Her knowledge picks up where most medical practitioners leave off. If you are not satisfied with the medical advice you are getting, then you need this book. Bambi's research and her wisdom as an RN ensures that this comprehensive book answsers every conceivable question you may have.


Publication Date: October 2022

Print length: 190 pages

Type: Paperback

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