How often should you actually wash your hair?

How often should you actually wash your hair?


How often should you wash your hair? It’s the million dollar question, and one that has been debated in women's magazines forever.  But is there actually a definitive answer?

Just ask a small sample of women, some claim the only way their hair ever looks good is to wash it every day.  While others claim they can go weeks without washing and their hair is as bouncy and fresh as day one! So where do we start? How can you tell which is the best routine for you?

What is my Hair Type?

Understanding your hair type will help.  While there are many defining features for hair type, one of the basics is the structure of your hair. Which generally falls into three categories: Fine, Medium and Course.

Fine Hair: If you take a strand of hair and lay it next to a piece of thread, and your hair appears thinner than the thread, your hair is probably fine. Your hair is light and thin, and doesn’t hold a style well. People with fine hair often have more hairs on their head, therefore more oil glands and their hair can tend to get oilier quicker.

Medium Hair: Medium hair tends to be easy to style, and holds it shape well. 

Course Hair: If your hair appears thicker than the strand of thread, your hair is probably course. You may be able to hold a curl well, but your hair is difficult to style.


Should I wash my hair every day?

Contrary to popular belief, your scalp is not self cleansing. And you can’t “train” your hair to be less oily over time by reducing the amount you shampoo.

The scalp is an extension of the skin on your face. It’s skin! That needs taking care of! We spend so much money on serums, lotions and potions for our face, but often neglect our scalp.  Just like the rest of our skin, it collects dirt, oils, dead skin cells and sweat that needs cleansing away. A healthy scalp is vital for healthy hair. And that means more frequent washing.

People with fine hair usually find their hair gets oiler quicker, and will have much better results on the overall health of their hair if they wash every day.  Hair can be weighed down by the excess sebum on the scalp, so frequent washing will give more volume, control oil production and treat the scalp.

Medium textured hair is often the most manageable of all the hair types.  Sometimes being able to go from 1-2 days without washing. Hair can tend to get dry in the middle, and oily on the roots.  Washing at least every two days will help to moisturise the hair strands, whilst cleaning the scalp.

Course hair is the thickest of all textures, and as such doesn’t get oily as quickly, but is subject to greater moisture evaporation and dryness. Those with course hair may feel like they’re able to go longer without washing because their hair isn’t getting greasy.  It’s still really important to be cleansing your scalp and nourishing your hair with extra moisturising ingredients.  Any more than 3-4 days without washing can lead to bacteria build up on your scalp and other conditions like dandruff.


What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use?

The products you choose, matters.  And paying attention to the ingredients that are in (and also not in) the products you’re using is the most important.

Most supermarket shampoos are full of sulfates; chemicals that are added to the products to help them lather and foam.  Now while a full head of lathered up foamy suds may feel like you’re in a hair commercial, it can be really damaging for your hair.  Sulfates are harsh cleansers, stripping your hair and scalp of natural oils and nutrients.

Look for a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate and paraben free and packed full of good ingredients that will cleanse gently, hydrate your hair, and treat your scalp.  Brands like Boost & Be have been developed without sulfates, parabens petrochemicals, phthalates, MEA, DEA and artificial colours.  With ingredients that really focus on treating the scalp, keeping it healthy and nourished, so you can have the best hair possible, no matter what your hair type.


Is Dry Shampoo Good or Bad for my hair?

Now stop right there, if you’ve got to the end of this article and you’re thinking: “hmmm dry shampoo will give me an extra day before I have to wash my hair”, think again.

While it feels like a busy girls best friend, dry shampoo can cause more damage than it’s worth. Clogging the hair follicles and masking the dirt on your scalp, you may be compromising your overall scalp health.

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