5 Styling Tips for Thinning Hair

5 Styling Tips for Thinning Hair

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, you’re definitely not alone! And thin hair ladies know that properly styling their hair can be the difference between an ok hair day and a great hair day.  What works for one person with thick and fuller hair is not what ladies with thin hair need.  So here are some hot tips for styling your fine or thinning hair.

Shampoo More!

Yup you heard it.  Shampoo more often.  That means at least every second day.  If you’ve experienced a period of shedding you may dread hair wash day, thinking that is causes more hair to fall out.  But that really isn’t the case.  Hair that falls whilst brushing your hair, or washing in the shower has already entered the shedding phase.  And if you’re delaying your hair washing, or being cautious with brushing your hair, it stands to reason that by the time you get around to it, more hair is falling at once.

Cleansing your scalp more regularly is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy scalp and give your hair the best chance of growth.  Scalp is skin after all, and we’re really good at washing our faces and bodies, so why is our scalp any different?  You want to cleanse and dirt and grime regularly and give those follicles a fighting chance!

Get a haircut!

It sounds too simple, but a regular hair cut can really help to make your hair look fuller and thicker.  It’s often the thin and wispy ends that can make our hair seem thinner than it really is.  You may want to be keeping as much hair on your head as possible, but cutting off those dry thin ends and going for a blunter cut more regularly can help your hair to look fuller, and obviously keep it healthier.

Perfect the Blowdry

Volume is key for thinning hair.  So it’s time to embrace your inner hair stylist and really perfect your blowdry technique.  If you’re gentle on the heat then there’s no reason you should stay away from a hairdryer if you have thin hair. 

What can help is the right tools.  An open backed brush like this Vent Brush can help the air flow through your hair and give great lift without putting extra stress on your hair and causing damage and breakage.

The Right Products

And of course styling and blowdrying can have much better results with the right products.  Look for lightweight styling products that are designed for thin hair.  Ones that will give you lightweight volume without weighing it down.

The Liquid Volume Mousse from Boost & Be is great for thickening your hair without being too heavy, or the Frizz Free Spray for extra nourishment and to fight frizz.

Up the Volume

If you want the perfect finishing touch for adding coverage and volume to your hair than you should finish with the Boost N Blend female hair fibres.  The cotton fibres shake onto clean dry hair and make hair strands up to 10 times thicker. It will help boost your volume, and is the perfect addition to your thin hair styling routine.

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