Boost N Blend Colours

Boost N Blend Colours

It can be hard to pick a colour from a small swatch on screen, so we find it helpful to know a little more about the tones of the shades, so help match your hair colour the best.


Going grey, gone grey or completely white?

You’ll need our grey to white range. Starting with Silky Silver Grey as our darkest grey, moving through to Iced Platinum Blonde which is a true white.

But did you know you can combine any of these three? And did you also know there is no such thing as a grey hair? It is a white hair, but when we have a combination of our original colour and white, the overall colour is grey, so that’s why we call it grey hair!

As we get older the whites become more plentiful and we need to up the level of white. So you can purchase the grey at your level and then gradually add in some Iced Platinum Blonde or some of the Light Silver Grey. This is likely to be an ongoing process for you as your hair gets lighter with age. So if you have bought a colour that is too dark or too light, you can easily lighten it up with a colour combo!

Iced Platinum Blonde + Light Silver Grey + Silky Silver Grey


Iced Platinum Blonde - This is a true white shade with no yellow undertone.  It's perfect if you have bleached blonde hair, or a naturally white hair.  It's also perfect to use to lighten up any of our Grey shades if you're slightly in between shades.  

Light Silver Grey - A cool light grey shade, ideal to be used alone on naturally grey hair. (If you have alot of white hairs you may want to blend with the Iced Platinum Blonde to lighten it up)

Silky Silver Grey - A dark cool grey.

Black our deepest midnight shade. Cool undertones for inky black or very dark brown hair.


For all our Blondes and Light Brown Ladies!

For our lighter tones to mid brunette ladies it's good to focus on your actual root shade to help get your most natural match.  Particularly if you have highlighted and coloured hair, you may actually use a darker shade than you expect.  

As with our previous three shades, these can all be combined depending on your hair tone.

Our founder Bambi is doing it every day – she lightens up the medium brown with the light brown as her hair is getting lighter with age. 

And for our Blonde ladies who need a lighter shade than our Buff Blonde, you can brighten the blonde by adding some of our true white Iced Platinum Blonde. 

Buff Blonde + Lush Light Brown + Smooth Medium Brown


Buff Blonde - A golden blonde shade to be used alone, or with the Iced Platinum Blonde to lighten it up, or the Lush Light Brown for a deeper dark blonde.

Lush Light Brown - A warm light blonde/brown. For warmer toned blondes and light brown hair

Smooth Medium Brown - A brunette shade with no warmth and an ash base. blends with most brunettes and even blonde highlighted hair with a darker root.

Our Brunette Ladies

The deepest shades are all about depth of colour, and level of warmth.  Our Dusky Dark Brown is a great starting point for most natural brunettes.  If you need a warmer shade, or you have auburn red undertones try our Warm Cinnamon Brown.  The deepest hair tones will love our Midnight Shadow Black, either on it's own, or mixed with the Dusky Dark Brown to lighten it up a little.

Dusky Dark Brown + Warm Cinnamon Brown + Midnight Shadow Black

Dusky Dark Brown - This is a warm dark brunette shade with no ash base unlike our Smooth Medium Brown. Perfect match for the classic chocolate brunette.

Warm Cinnamon Brown - Our Warmest brunette shade, with deep auburn undertones. Great if you have a dark red base in your hair.

Midnight Black - This is our deepest midnight shade. Cool undertones for inky black or very dark brown hair.

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