Is your hair dry and brittle? Or are you seeing lots of breakage and split ends? It sounds like your hair could be damaged.  If you have fine or thinning hair you'll need to keep your hair in great condition so that you can keep what you have and give your scalp and foollicles the best chance possible to grow new healthy hair.  So how can you repair damaged hair?

What is damaged hair:

damaged hair

First of all damaged hair is more than just a few split ends.  It is damage to the protective outer layer of hair, which is called the cuticle.  When subject to stressors and damage, the cuticle can split and become fragile and prone to breakage.  There are quite a few common culprits that can lead to hair damage, so use some of these helpful suggestions below to help avoid damaged hair, and repair where possible.

Use Protection!

If you’re attached to your hairdryer, you know it can be a source of stress on your hair.  So it’s important to help protect your hair with styling sprays before turning on the hairdryer.  Particularly for fine or thinning hair, use a lightweight protectant that isn’t going to weigh your hair down.  The Frizz Free spray from Boost & Be is hydrating and nourishing, but also lightweight and will help protect your hair from the heat.  Temperature is also important. Don’t just blast away at max heat setting straight after washing. Let your hair partially dry naturally, wrapped in a microfibre towel as this is a great way to remove excess water whilst protecting fragile strands.  Then on a medium or low setting you can use your hairdryer to finish off.

Be Gentle!

Committed to the updo? Or love a messy bun? Tight hairstyles with elastic bands can cause tension and damage to the hair strands.  Try a more relaxed style, or use loose clips to keep hair in place without twisting and pulling.  Soft silk hairbands or scrunchies can be a good option if you love having your hair fully up.

Beware of Brushing!

Gone are the days of princesses in a tower brushing their luxurious mane all day.  Excessive brushing wont make your hair grow.  And it isn’t helping it to be shiny and soft.  It’s causing friction and potentially damaging the hair shaft.  Particularly if you’re brushing your hair when wet.  Wet hair is at its most vulnerable as it is elastic and more prone to breakage.  We always suggest a wide tooth comb, for detangling and distributing product through the hair.

Repair and Hydrate!

Thinning or compromised hair does need more help to stay healthy.  It can be tempting to avoid anything overly moisturising as you may feel it will just make your hair limp and heavy.  But properly formulated products will help nourish your hair from the scalp to the strands.  Using a repair mask frequently as a part of your hair care routine is a great first step to help nourish your hair.  

The entire Boost & Be Hair Care Range is #KindToHair and was developed by women with thin and thinning hair to offer the best protection for damaged hair while giving compromised hair the best chance to grow.

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