Ten Minute Repair Mask
Ten Minute Repair Mask
Ten Minute Repair Mask
Ten Minute Repair Mask
Ten Minute Repair Mask

Ten Minute Repair Mask

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Ten Minutes to Younger Looking Hair

Boost & Be #KindToHair

Healthy looking hair is younger looking hair. There's no doubt that as our hair gets damaged with age or with too many treatments, that it ceases to look like it did when we were younger......... 

Dry, brittle, breaking ends and loads of hair coming out on the brush are all signs that your hair needs some loving care. A hair mask is a real game changer.

"After using the Boost & Be mask on my hair before every wash for a month, I can honestly say, my hair has never looked better! My ends are soft and pretty, not scratchy and sticking out at angles. I can't believe I had this younger looking hair hiding under all that frizz." Gail, Sydney

The Boost & Be Ten Minute Repair Mask can turn dry, damaged hair into lush hair once again in just a few treatments. We recommend putting in your hair ten minutes before you shampoo. Then once in the shower, wet and massage through, lightly rinse, then shampoo as usual. For best results use the right Boost & Be shampoo for you. Choose from our range designed to provide Volume, Growth or Shine.

There are dozens of masks out there, but there is only one mask designed for women with fine, thin and thinning hair. And there is only one ten minute mask! No need to get sloppy goop all over your pillow! Just pop it through your hair from root to tip ten minutes before you wash your hair and you will see results after 2-3 applications.

Directions for use in place of your regular conditioner: Apply product to hair after washing and lightly towel drying to remove excess moisture. This helps with absorption. Apply the mask in place of your usual conditioner, massage in and leave for 5-10 mins and then rinse out. This can be done after every second wash or as often as you need it.

Directions for use as a pre-wash mask: Massage into dry hair ten minutes before washing. Once in the shower, add warm water and massage through all hair and scalp, then rinse out. Shampoo and condition as normal. Do this every time you wash your hair (every day is best if you can) and watch your hair transform into soft manageable luscious, younger looking hair. 

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What makes Boost N Blend different?
Most of the hair fiber products on the market today are made from keratin, however Boost N Blend™ is made from cotton, a natural occurring substance that we wear next to our skin every day.

Unlike keratin fibers, Boost N Blend is vegan friendly, being made from the cotton plant. This ensures Boost N Blend™ is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage. Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils, acting like a dry shampoo, as well as providing a greater volume boost.

We trialled both keratin and cotton fibers over two years and found the cotton to be a far superior product.

before & after

I bought Boost n Blend a few weeks ago and I just had to tell you that I am really impressed with it. It is an excellent product and it has worked wonders on the crown of my head where I had a very thin patch! Thank you!


I have used boost and blend for a least 5 years and couldn’t be happier with the results.


Very happy with product, currently using the dark brown. Boost N Blend certainly does a lot for my confidence. Feel I can go out in the sunshine and my bare scalp is not so obvious. Will continue to use Boost.


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