"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence" - Beyonce

International Women's Day, 2021: Grow your Confidence


Would describe yourself as confident? Or is it a feeling you seem to be searching for; elusive, out of reach, but overflowing in other women you know? Women who seem fearless, who carry themselves with such grace and determination.

What is it about confidence that can sometimes feel elusive?

Confidence is built on a belief in our own attributes, skills and qualities, regardless of what other people think. Yet we are so quick to pick apart our flaws; searching for imperfections in ourselves.

What kind of damage could continually searching for fault in our bodies be doing, not only to how we feel about ourselves, but to our confidence?

Let’s consciously build up another woman today (and every day).

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s also celebrate the support we have together as women. Shelley Zallis the CEO of the Female Quotient says that, "Alone a women has power, but together we have impact".

As I look at the growing online community that supports and attempts to normalise female hair loss, I think this is more important than ever.

Communities like this can empower women and give support and tools to others who are experiencing the same situation. Confidence can be found within, but also shared with others. How great it is to support other women, to build them up even when you yourself feel weak? It strengthens us all, and together we can build confidence.

The private Facebook group ‘The Lovely Boost N Blend Ladies’ is full of women who are all experiencing hair loss. It is a safe space to share our struggles, our fears, and our triumphs and solutions. It is also a place to build one another up. To point out positive attributes, to see the strength in others that they may not see themselves.

Instagram is also full of women sharing their own hair challenges and stories and helping to empower other women going through the same situation. Our recent interview with Kim Dubs here, is well worth a read. 

Groups like this create safe spaces where we as women can share our insecurities together without letting them define who we are entirely. 

We are so much more than our hair alone. As we start to believe that and appreciate who we are, our confidence will only grow. Even if our hair doesn’t!

Please join us in celebrating ALL women this International Women's Day.

Till next time, 

Bambi Staveley, Boost N Blend CEO

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