Has Boost N Blend changed the bottle and logo?

Has Boost N Blend changed the bottle and logo?

Yes, Boost N Blend has changed the bottle and made a few changes to the logo and refreshed the overall look! The contents however, are still the same high quality female hair fibres loved the world over by hundreds of thousands of women.

Here's a common question for us these days...

"I’ve ordered this several times and I love it but I just received my new order and the box and bottle are different is this the same product? It’s a taller bottle the previous was shorter and rounder" 

Exciting Boost N Blend Packaging News!

The new Boost N Blend bottle is now taller with more value inside but still at the same old price! The 22g bottle has been replaced with a taller, slimmer 25g bottle. The old 8g travel purse size bottle has been replaced by the new-look 10g bottle.

The new Boost N Blend bottles are still the same old price and contain the same high quality female hair fibres we are all used to.

Even though we have added more value to each bottle, we are keeping the price the same. You get more fabulous female hair fibres, designed by women for women, for the same old price. 

Boost N Blend New Packaging

Are all Boost N Blend bottles changing?

The new-look roll out will be happening over the next 3-6 months. Some colours will change immediately (like Smooth Medium Brown) and others will happen more gradually.

But yes, eventually the entire range will be in the new 25g larger bottle and the 10g smaller bottle. 

New-Look Boost N Blend Logo!

Boost N Blend new logo

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and well, we've been imitated. Some of you will be aware of an Australian shampoo brand who has copied our logo and tried to convince women with hair loss that their shampoo can grow hair. Well, we all know that is rubbish and on top of that, it is gut-wrenching for us to find that some of you think they are us. 

So we have upgraded our look to this new logo and we are so thrilled to announce that we consulted one of Australia's most in demand logo designers. So watch out any more flatterers! We'll get the lawyers on to you!

Boost N Blend is available at any one of our global online stores: 




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