Common Hair Mistakes

5 Common Hair Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Which hair mistakes are you making?

We all strive for healthy and strong luscious locks but how much attention do you give to your regular hair care routine? You may think you have your hair care routine nailed, but did you know there are ways we can damage our hair without even knowing it. If you've been noticing more hair breakage and loss than usual, check out these 5 common daily hair care mistakes you should avoid!

Brushing hair when wet

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair as it is naturally weaker, meaning it can easily break and or develop split ends. If you do prefer to comb when wet, it’s important you are extremely gentle and use a wide tooth comb.

Solution: When detangling your hair make sure you are starting from the ends and working your way up, as starting from the top increases the friction in your hair resulting in more breakage.

Washing hair daily

When your hair gets wet, the shaft is said to swell which results in the hair becoming more elastic and easier to break off. Frequent washing can strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it drier, brittle and susceptible to damage.

Solution: If you need to wash your hair daily make sure you are using gentle, chemical free shampoo and conditioner.


Using harsh chemical hair care treatments

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your favourite hair care products? Most of them will contain an excessive amount of alcohol, parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances which can cause damage to your hair and scalp. If you are losing more hair than usual, opt for silicone free too. Silicones coat the hair shaft weighing it down. You need hefty surfactants to remove it and those are nasty chemicals.

Solution: Try out some natural options to give your hair some TLC, keep an eye out for brands that have no Sulphates or Parabens.  Silicones are listed as dimethicone in shampoo and conditioner.


Towel drying hair harshly

Although better than blow-drying, towel drying can lead to harshly rubbing your hair, which is not ideal as it usually involves a cotton towel. The coarseness of a cotton towel can cause hair to dry out, looking frizzier and potentially leading to more breakage.

Solution: Wrap your hair in a microfibre towel, that you gently twist into a turban, this will remove moisture with no harsh rubbing.  Hot tip – if your favourite microfibre towel has lost its button, use a jaw/spring hair clip instead – it works just as well.


Going to sleep with wet hair

Did you know that sleeping with your hair wet makes it more at risk of damage? As you sleep you tend to move about a lot causing your hair to rub on the pillow creating friction which ultimately leads to breakage. 

Solution: Avoid going to bed with wet hair or swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one.

Did you find some things you do on this list? We hope you have some new ideas to combat damage! 

If your hair has been damaged and you are starting to see lots of shedding or thinning, try a hair loss concealer like Boost N Blend to boost your confidence. 

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