Boost N Blend Female Hair Loss Stories

Boost N Blend Female Hair Loss Stories

When did you start experiencing hair loss? What caused your hair loss?

I first started experiencing hair loss when I was around 20 years old (I'm 27 now) when I switched birth control types, from a really low dosage pill to a much higher one. The changes in my hormones triggered androgenic alopecia. It wasn't noticeable, as it was a very slow progressive thinning across the next 6 years. It wasn't until I turned 26 and decided to come off birth control completely that the reality hit me that I was losing my hair. It caused my hair to go into telogen effluvium and I experienced significant amounts of hair coming out in each wash in the shower for the first 3-4 months of 2018.

Kim Dubs Hair Loss

When did you start sharing your story on social media about the changes to your hair?

I started sharing my story on my Instagram @kimdubs_ in September 2018. I'd just purchased my first hair topper, and that same weekend had met up with some girls from Instagram going through the same thing as me. I decided that sharing my story on social media may help someone else going through hair loss, as I knew that was what helped me the most.

What was the reaction to your hair loss story when you shared photos of your hair loss on social media?

I kept my story quite private from the people I know personally, not telling most of them about my page. As my Instagram grew, I eventually ended up launching a blog, which was when I started feeling more comfortable with telling people I know. The support from everyone on social media has been incredible, and when telling the people I know, they have been nothing but supportive and encouraging of my journey.

Have you noticed more women sharing their story on social media?

I certainly have! It's great when I have someone contact me saying "hey, I've created a new page to share my hair loss journey". Every new page that pops up with women sharing their journey means more awareness of female hair loss, and also a larger support network which I love.

What hair products do you swear by?

Anything that is sulfate and paraben free. For my alternative hair I use a brand called Davroe, and on my bio hair I use DermVeen to assist with dermatitis. Moroccan oil is also great, I use this on my alternative hair and my bio hair after washing. Of course, can't forget Boost N Blend and Rootz as well, which I use underneath my hair toppers as well as when I just have my bio hair. 

Do you have any tricks and tips for women wanting to style their hair while experiencing thinning hair?

Kim Dubs using Boost N Blend Smooth Medium Brown Fibres

Using fibres is a game changer, as it helps to conceal any thinning spots. I've also claimed the scrunchie trick as my @kimdubs_ approved go to style! I get the 90's style scrunchies and put my hair up in a messy bun, makes it looks about 3 times larger than it would with a regular scrunchie! I shared this trick on my instagram, and I've since had so many people sharing their scrunchie pics with me!


For any women experiencing hair loss for the first time, what is the one piece of advice you’d give?

Don't feel like you are alone, because there are literally thousands of women on social media sharing their journey. Start connecting with on social platforms, and you'll soon discover there are people in your area that you could meet! Even connecting with women across the world, and just having someone to talk to was the best thing for me in dealing with my hair loss. 

You used Boost N Blend recently, what was your experience with cotton hair fibres?

I really love the cotton fibres! I haven't found them itchy or irritating, they also wash off quite easily. I've found other brands stick to my scalp even after shampooing.

Kim uses our Smooth Medium Brown fibres which are available at any one of our global stores: 



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