Can a Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

Can a Plant Based Diet Reverse Hair Loss?

Health conscious millennials, athletes and celebrities are influencing the switch to a plant-based diet, so it is no surprise that skin care and beauty brands are also including more natural, vegan friendly products in their range.

According to PETA spokesperson Emma Hurst, more Australians are taking action towards switching to a vegan friendly lifestyle. “Along with the interest in vegan eating, demand for vegan beauty products is also skyrocketing,” says Hurst. ‘Many [product] lines have seen a 38 percent rise in sales [according to a report by NPD Group] in the UK alone, and a report by Market Research Future predicts a 6.1 percent growth in the global market within the next 5 years.[1]


Benefits of Plant Based Hair Products

Switching to vegan friendly hair care alternatives can benefit both hair and scalp health. Most supermarket shampoos and conditioners include parabens and sulphates. These unnecessary chemicals help make the shampoo last longer and create the lather effect, but in fact can be quite detrimental to hair.


Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet consists of eating no animal product or animal biproducts at all. This usually results in consuming more wholefoods and less processed foods. This in turn increases nutrition which has many health benefits.

A plant-based diet improves hair health when it includes foods such as legumes, leafy greens, hemp seeds, tofu, flax seeds and wholegrains which are high in iron, zinc, omega 3 and protein. Not only do these benefit gut health, they are also great for promoting a healthy scalp and environment for hair growth.

“The healthiest diet for your hair is the healthiest diet in general—one that is based on real, whole foods and [is] mostly plant-based,” – Maria Marlowe [2]

These foods can also help to increase energy levels and lower rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


Plant Based Diet Reduces Stress

No matter the underlying cause, stress is known to affect hair health and hair growth[3]. Stress can also affect our psychological health which can set off inflammation in the body and cause chronic disease. Systemic inflammation is also a known cause of hair loss.

Reducing the amount of meat and dairy in our diets and adding wholefoods high in antioxidants, magnesium and vitamins can help cope with stress and remain calm, focused, and balanced throughout the day.

Foods which help combat stress and balance hormones which are also full of omega 3 and vitamins which help with hair growth include:

  1. Berries
  2. Walnuts
  3. Leafy Greens
  4. Avocados
  5. Cashews 

Plant Based Beauty Products

Incorporating vegan friendly products with natural ingredients into a good daily hair care routine, can help moisturize the scalp and stimulate hair growth with natural vitamins and minerals. With more leading brands in the beauty industry introducing chemical free, vegan friendly ranges, there is  no longer the need to go hunting too far to find the most natural products.

Artemis Patrick, Sephora’s SVP of merchandising says “Natural skin care is growing fast, almost eight times as much as compared to last year in terms of searches,” Patrick reports, adding that popular keywords include “organic,” “paraben-free,” and “vegan.”[4]

At Boost N Blend™, we understand how important it is to find natural, chemical free products which do not cause further damage to already compromised hair. Boost N Blend™ female hair fibres are a safe, vegan alternative to the keratin fibres on the market.

Keratin fibres are made using animal products and compound chemicals. Originally formulated over 30 years ago, specifically for men, keratin hair fibres lack the cling factor women have now become used to and expect from our cotton hair fibres. Keratin fibres are also known to have a greenish tinge in sunlight and when the fibres come in contact with water, they dissolve!

Boost N Blend™ is made from cotton, a natural plant based substance that we wear next to our skin every day. Boost N Blend™ is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage.

Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils, acting like a dry shampoo, as well as providing a greater volume boost.

Boost N Blend™ is available at any one of our global online stores: 









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