Top Frizzy Hair Solutions and Accessories for Frizz-Free, Flawless Hair

Top Frizzy Hair Solutions and Accessories for Frizz-Free, Flawless Hair

Everyone loves great hair accessories - especially when they double as a frizzy hair solutions! Here's a list of our top, tried and tested, frizz-free hair products and accessories for flawless, frizz-free hair. 

The items listed here won't damage your hair, but rather leave it feeling smooth and silky. The best bit? No nasties or damaging chemicals - just like our Boost N Blend Female Hair Fibres


What causes Frizzy Hair?

Genetics, the way you style and treat your hair and environmental factors like humidity are some of the top causes of frizzy hair (1).

Genetics - The biological shape of your hair follicles helps to determine whether your hair grows out straight or curly and the general rule is that curlier hair tends to frizz more easily. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to alter your genetics but several frizzy hair solutions exist to help you tame your mane... 

Styling Practices - Although all hair is technically 'dead', hair that remains undamaged is seen to be far healthier than damaged hair. (2) We've often highlighted the fact that shorter hairstyles are better suited to women with thinning hair, but shorter styles will also help you to control the frizz to some extent (1).

Excessive brushing and combing (especially of dry hair) results in stretched, broken hair which tends to stick out at odd angels (hello frizz!). Some sources go so far as to warn against brushing dry hair at all (3) but if that's not practical, we suggest using a wide tooth comb in the shower with a sulfate free conditioner to help detangle your follicles and prevent breakage.  

Using Sulphates - You can help to reduce the likelihood of getting frizzy, fly-away hair by lowering the temperature of your shower, sourcing a decent sulphate free shampoo (aka frizzy hair shampoo!). Sulphates have been shown to add frizz and dry out the hair. (4) Sulfates can also strip hair of natural oils that keep it moisturized. We strongly advise using a dry oil which is rich in essential nutrients too as this will help to infuse your follicles with moisture and add that desirable shine.  

Humidity - When the air is humid, high levels of hydrogen exist in the atmosphere. Human hair is extremely sensitive to airborne hydrogen... so sensitive, in fact, that the gadgets used to measure humidity (called hygrometers) actually rely on hair for their readings! The greater the humidity, the shorter the hair in the hygrometer becomes, so straight hair becomes wavy, wavy hair becomes curly and curly hair becomes curlier or just  downright frizzy! (5) Frizzy hair is caused by an uneven and open cuticle surface and exposure to humidity allows the hair to swell and causes fly-aways.

It's not always possible to tame your frizzy hair overnight, but being dedicated to looking after your follicles and choosing the right frizzy hair products is a vital step in helping to tame your frizzy hair over time. A number of frizzy hair solutions and accessories exist to help you tame your frizzy hair naturally:


Satin or Linen Hair Scrunchies

satin hair scrunchiesSatin or linen hair scrunchies can easily be found for less than $5.00 at your local hair salon or online hair retailer. They help to keep your hair healthy by reducing the breakage caused by elasticated hair ties. Hair scrunchies are a perfect hair accessory for sleeping in and offer a fashionable alternative to elastic bands. They help to reduce frizz and split ends and minimise the dents in your hair when tying it up into a ponytail.


Microfibre Hair Towels

Boost N Blend Microfibre Hair TowelVigorously rubbing your hair when it's wet can cause breakages and split ends. Using a gentle, cotton, microfibre hair towel helps to absorb moisture without the damaging the hair strands. Wrapping your hair with an absorbent microfibre towel will reduce drying time and the occurrence of frizzy fly-aways.


Wide Tooth Combs

Wide Tooth CombBrushing your hair while it's wet with the wrong brush can cause the hair to stretch and break. Using a wide tooth comb in the shower while your conditioner is still in your hair, is an effective way to help prevent the hair from snapping. You can also use a wide tooth comb after the hair has been towel dried to reduce frizzy hair, split ends and help to effectively detangle curly hair.


Bloomette Hair Sticks

Silicone Hair StickThe frizz-free, hair smoothing wand has become a popular accessory for frizzy hair. Bloomette's purse sized, silicone hair wand contains 100% natural oils and no nasty chemicals. You can finally ditch your hairspray and use this wand to smooth fly-aways and tame your 'baby hair' or new hair growth.


Satin Pillow Cases

Satin Pillow CasesSleeping on a satin pillow case can help to keep your hair in place, reduce frizziness and minimise the static you often experience first thing in the morning. The smooth fabric of a satin or silk pillow case, reduces friction on the hair and ultimately causes less damage than wool or cotton. Cotton or wool pillow cases also draw moisture out of your hair, so if you have dry hair from styling or exposure to heat, switching to a satin pillow case can help lock in your hair's natural oils.

Satin pillow cases are also great for your skin's health, help to reduce lash fall (especially if you mostly sleep on one side of your face) and also help to prevent wrinkles!


The Best Hair Accessory of All...

All of the accessories listed above will help you to maintain healthier hair and minimise the damage caused by inappropriate accessories.  

You can also conceal fine, thin and thinning hair with Boost N Blend Female Hair Fibres which are available from any one of our global stores: 







(2) Marsh, Jennifer; Gray, John; Tosti, Antonella (2015). Healthy Hair



(5) Stromberg, Joseph. Smithsonian Magazine: Why Humidity Makes Your Hair Curl

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