More Top Tips for Added Hair Volume

More Top Tips for Added Hair Volume

We recently outlined the first 5 steps in achieving luscious, full locks with Part 1 in our Volume Boosting Tips and Tricks series. We've had such great feedback from you all that we're sure you'll be equally excited about Part 2 right here! Hang on to your slightly-thicker-already locks and follow the points below for the ultimate collection of tips and tricks to boost your hair volume long-term.

6. Apply Hair Fibres instead of Dry Shampoo

Many women believe that dry shampoo is good for their hair both to minimise how often you need to wash it and also to add some much-needed volume. We've previously outlined why this simply isn't the case. Dry shampoo can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, clog your pores, suffocate your follicles and lead to a host of hair and scalp problems. This is especially worriesome for women with already fine, thin or thinning hair. 

There are a number of more natural alternatives to dry shampoo including chemical-free shampoos and conditioners, charcoal hair drying tissues to help blot away scalp oils or natural, cotton-based hair fibres like Boost N Blend which are gently able to absorb excess oil without drying your hair out. Cotton fibres are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and offer many of the same benefits as dry shampoo with the added BONUS of easily boosting your root volume! See what Boost N Blend can do for thinning hair here.


7. Put in Hot Rollers

After following Steps 1 - 5 in last month's post, you'll already know the importance of establishing a good hair care routine and using a specially formulated Volume Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner. We also outlined some great drying and pre-styling tips and next up? Hot rollers! 

Everybody forgets about hot rollers but hot rollers are an excellent addition to your hair care routine if you're after an added boost. Although waves and curls can be achieved by using curling tongs and hair straighteners, there's no special technique required to use hot rollers and they can actually save you some time once you get used to putting them in. Wash and dry your hair and then just throw them in while you're doing your makeup and getting dressed. By the time you're ready to go, you'll have hair that's prepped with serious body and bounce. Hot rollers are also the go-to trick if you've forgotten to blow dry your hair upside down and need to add extra volume to flat, dry hair. 

Many women aren't sure which way to roll and find the process a little awkward when using a mirror but please take note: rolling your hair back and away from your face will give you modern, glamorous waves, while rolling your hair in towards your face will create a more vintage look. To make your volume last, lightly spritz each section of hair with hairspray before rolling, and let the rollers cool completely before removal.

8. Crimp your Roots

What is this? The 80's? Crimped hair was huge in the '80s era and has circled back through the fashion trend mill from time to time. Current crimpers are more adventurous with the size and shape of their crimps and you'll see everything from the traditional tight zig-zag crimp to a loose, large, round crimp along the full length of the hair. It's also great news for anyone wanting added volume using a sneaky trick... Carefully select the top layer of hair and pin it up. Just crimp the first 2-3cms of hair directly at the roots to help the hair stand out slightly from the scalp. Release the top layer of hair to cover the crimped areas and Voila! Soft, natural-looking volume with minimal effort!

9. Sleep with your Hair in a Bun

There's nothing worse than the weirdly kinked wave you get from using a tight elastic band and having your hair in a ponytail for any length of time... once this happens, you're almost best off just rewashing your hair and starting over but in this instance, it's a soft silk or satin scrunchie to the rescue! (It's also a super-useful, overnight volume hack with no heat required...)

If you shower and wash your hair the night before a big event, simply pull your hair hair up into a high, loose bun while it's still slightly damp. Secure it with a soft scrunchie. By doing this, your hair will dry overnight while being lifted off the scalp and when you wake up and take it down, you'll have instant volume WITH soft waves too.

Another easy volume trick is to secure your hair with a soft, stretchy fabric headband. Simply wrap sections of damp hair around it until all the hair is tucked away and by the time you take it out in the morning, you'll have soft, voluminous waves. Both of these methods are particularly helpful for women with dry, damaged hair who have concerns about using any of the heat-based styling methods previously described.

10. Freshen Up Your Colour

If you're still after a little more volume after all the tips and tricks we've outlined here and in our previous post, consider freshening up your colour at your next salon visit. A single block colour can contribute to flat-looking, one dimensional hair while slight variations in tone can really create the appearance of depth and texture. 

It's true that bleaching or lightening your hair damages the hair shaft but this damage can be minimised by only adding a few select highlights rather than lightening or bleaching all your hair. A few peekaboo highlights, placed strategically in the under-layers of your hair (in a tone that complements your existing colour) can give just enough of a boost to the overall appearance of your hair without causing too much regrowth worry. 

To minimise potential damage and maximise the effect of this technique, we really do suggest leaving this process to the professionals though! 

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