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I've always had fine hair but not this fine! I am 28 years old and have found my hair has thinned out so much that you can really see my scalp. I have been so self-conscious about it that I would try to stand with my back against a wall whenever I could so that people wouldn't see the back of my head. I used to check and fix my hair all day long trying to keep it looking as good as I could. That was until I found BOOSTNBLEND®. I am just so relieved that there is an answer to this embarrassing problem. I just shake on some BOOSTNBLEND® each morning and my hair looks thick with no gaps for the whole day - and night!

Finally I feel I look and feel completely normal!

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Although I am a hairdresser and you would think I could spend more time on my roots and thinning top, I get busy and don't dedicate the time to myself that I should. So when I got the chance to try BOOSTNBLEND®, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I'm amazed at the instant coverage of both my grey roots and my widening part. A great product that we will be recommending to our clients.

[ed: Even though Karen's photography isn't great, you get the idea!]

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I tried BOOSTNBLEND® at my local salon and I was so excited at the results that I jumped up and hugged the hairdresser!




I suffer from an auto-immune disorder and have really struggled with the effect it has had on my hair. I used to go out only if I had a hat on but it's not always practical and in some cases, it's just inconvenient! BOOSTNBLEND® has changed my life - literally! I've dicovered a way to feel comfortable in my own skin and confident when I'm out and about. For the first time in years, I go out without worrying that someone will see my scalp and make a comment. I feel more feminine and happier than I've felt in years!

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This is such a lovely story, we just had to share it with you...

"Three months ago I bought my first BOOSTNBLEND® not expecting too much of the product although the video did look interesting and apparently successful.

For many years my hair has been noticeably thin and sparse and I hoped that it would improve my look as I was about to go on a cruise with my husband and wanted to look my best.

My husband applied the product to my hair the first time-and later commented that he could see the happiness in my face as I looked in the mirror afterwards.

Over the years I realized how true is the saying that "hair is a woman's crowning glory" as it has always been embarrassing that people in general look at those obvious bald spots and not at you wherever you go. Health care professionals say that looks aren't everything, that people love you for who you are. Well, fine but that is so cliched as you need to be happy with yourself first.

The confidence the product has given me is remarkable and I have been inspired to lose some extra kilos and consequently feel more like clothes shopping again.

Incidentally, we enjoyed our cruise that celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary and it was so good to dress up for dinner and have a seemingly full head of hair.

Thank you BOOSTNBLEND® you are a life saver."



I was so excited the day my first order of BOOSTNBLEND® arrived. I was at work and went straight into the bathroom to apply it. I couldn't believe it. Your product does everything your website said it would do!

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I am a skeptic when it comes to "quick results". I am in my 60s and over the last 10 years my hair has been thinning. I have tried everything you can think of but nothing helped... well did I get a surprise. After trying BOOSTNBLEND® I burst into tears!!!! I could not believe the results, it's a miracle. I looked at myself and it was the first time in years that I actually smiled at myself after doing my hair. It has boosted my confidence no end!!! I am recommending this to my friends who have the same problem. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence and putting a spring in my step. The best product around!!!




I've got fine, flat hair and I thought I'd give BOOSTNBLEND® a try! I also spend a fortune on foils and hoped that if I tried the lightest blonde then it may help to hide my regrowth. Not only did it make my regrowth less obvious, but I found it provided extra body and volume! I wasn't expecting it to be this good. So now I'm featured on the BOOSTNBLEND® website here and I recommend it to my friends :)


I started losing my hair when I was 28 and had given up trying to find a solution. I was amazed at the instant fix to my visible scalp BOOSTNBLEND® provided. I can’t remember the last time my hair looked like this. I’d just given up and become expert at scraping it back into a pony tail and covering up my bald patches.


I have been losing my hair for a few years now. In some lights you could see right through my hair to my scalp. I used to worry that people were looking. My hair dresser put some BOOSTNBLEND® in my hair and I was completely amazed. Now I wouldn't go out without it.

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Although I have a relatively full head of hair, there is just one bit at the front which is very obvious where my hair has always been thin. I wanted to fix it if I could as it bothered me and so I tried BOOSTNBLEND®. It made all the difference. Now it's completely gone. Thanks, I'm glad I gave this a try!

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Some months ago, my hair began to fall out. I wasn't sure what was causing it and I didn't know what to do about it. I searched on the internet for hours and couldn't find anything that was simple and easy to apply and would cover up the embarrassing patches of scalp that were appearing. There was literally nothing for women! Then I found there was a BOOSTNBLEND® product trial! I was ecstatic. I applied to be on the trial and there I found a cosmetic cover up that would hide my thinning hair in just a few seconds - but more importantly, hide my scalp from everyone. It's ok for guys to be thinning but it's not ok for women to have thinning hair and a visible scalp.

Now I can leave the house without worrying what people think. I am absolutely confident that no one can tell.




I have always had fine hair. I wash it and style it every day and do as much as I can with it. I've got a fantastic hairdresser and she helps with a great cut and style. But as I'm getting older I'm finding it is getting much finer (I didn't know that was even possible). A friend mentioned BOOSTNBLEND® to me and I thought I'd give it a try. You can see the difference it makes. I'm using Lush Light Brown which is a perfect match for my hair colour. It definitely makes a difference and blends in perfectly. You can't see where it is, but you can see the difference it has made.



As I'm getting older I am finding that my hair is thinning on top. When my roots are showing through, my hair looks even worse. I have searched for a way to cover up the thin parts and even asked my hairdresser. I have tried all the hair thickening shampoos, conditioners and styling products, but nothing seems to really hide the problem. Then a friend of mine was talking about BOOSTNBLEND® and offered to get me some to try.

This is the first instant cover up I have ever seen, and it works.


"We have been using BOOSTNBLEND® in our salon for a few months now. The instant and dramatic results can be amazing. It is great to have something this good to offer our clients"

Leonie, The MAXX Hair Salon, St Ives, Sydney



BOOSTNBLEND® Customer Survey:

In a recent survey of BOOSTNBLEND® customers, 95% said BOOSTNBLEND® has increased their confidence, 97% said they would recommend it to someone else and 96% said they were a BOOSTNBLEND® customer for life.

We asked what they thought of BOOSTNBLEND®. Here is a sample of the answers...

  • It has made a difference to my life in that if I am having a bad hair day - not only because my hair is thinning but also because the roots are showing - that I now have a tool that I can use to give the appearance of a full head of non-grey hair.

  • The difference was very obvious and I liked it so much that I immediately recommended it to a friend. I know that she became your customer and she likes the product very much.

  • So much more confidence ... I love the product and have told heaps of people how wonderful it is Thanks heaps :))

  • As I have short hair, I find using your product all over the scalp gives the appearance of much thicker hair and this, in turn, gives me added confidence and I don't have to worry about windy days when my thin hair exposes the scalp. I absolutely love love love your product! Thank you.

  • It has given me more confidence. I've shown it to my hairdresser also. I do my hair in the morning and hardly touch it all day, before using BOOSTNBLEND® I was checking mirrors to make sure my thinning scalp was showing. I love the mirror you sent, it is very handy to check the back of my head and with the folding handle was great for my recent holiday.

  • I traveled through Europe when I first had BOOSTNBLEND®, and I was so happy to not have to worry about my head shining in the sun. I was even able to stop asking my husband "how's my hair? Can you see my scalp"? It must have been a lovely break for him too haha

  • So confident now at 72 years and one of my friends commented gee I can't believe your hair looks thick now funny because thin hair usually gets thinner as you age. I didn't tell her as she has thick hair , but I felt so thrilled.

  • Made a huge difference...I can go out now without wanting to cry first!

  • It has made me more confident as hair loss caused me considerable embarrassment and I am now happy to socialise and even spend weekends away without having to worry about the time needed to camouflage my thinning hair.

  • BOOSTNBLEND® has helped me feel that people aren't looking at my bald patches when they talk to me. it has given me the confidence to forget about my thinning hair and carry on as normal.

  • it makes me feel better particularly when I use it on the crown area

  • Boost n blend has made a huge impact on my life, I was always unhappy with how thinned my hair had come and felt so self conscious of it When I used BOOSTNBLEND® I was so amazed at how well it made my hair full and natural with no scalp show through That I include it as part of my daily routine

  • Sooo much more confident/cant live without it !!!!!!!!!!

  • It has been able to help me hide my thinning areas on my scalp. I always use it when I have to go out to family functions. It does not make me so self conscious.

  • This product has changed me a lot and in a positive way. I still know I have thin hair but the BOOSTNBLEND® makes my hair look thick to others and so I feel better. I only hope I don't get caught in the rain in case it would run down my face like mascara does if you cry but that is easily remedied with a hat and umbrella. I just love it and am so thankful someone invented it

  • When I use it I feel a lot more confident! My issue is on the crown so using BOOSTNBLEND® disguises the obvious gap I have in my hair!

  • I like photos again. My daughter told me she thinks I must not be so stressed at work anymore, as my hair has thickened:) It covers the patch I am self conscious about and it makes hair easier to style in ways that give a fuller appearance too. Thanks BOOSTNBLEND®!

  • Your lovely product has made a big difference to my appearance these days (which is much needed!!) As I am on the disability pension these days the affordable cost is of great assistance to my ever challenged financial position !!! Thanx so much :)

  • When I use BOOSTNBLEND® I do feel more happier with my appearance. I suppose you could say it Boosts my self esteem!

  • Have a bit more confidence not to hide my hair

  • A life saver. Very grateful to the clever lady behind BOOSTNBLEND®

  • Boost n Blend has given me back my self confidence and helped reduce the stress I was feeling about my hair loss. I've also found it helpful to be part of the BOOSTNBLEND® "sisterhood" and being able to share stories and information with other ladies in the same situation. Most hair loss products are aimed at men so it's great to have a product that's geared towards all the females with a problem too.

  • I feel more confident going out now especially if it's windy it doesn't worry me that my hair may blow the wrong way and show my bald patches. I'm not so depressed and crying anymore.

  • It helps to disguise my thinning hair and gives it more body. I don't think I could go out of the house without it.

  • It certainly assures me that I can walk around without feeling like I have bald patches showing up. I have always seen women with balding patches and notice how much older they look. But this product certainly is quite good for people with not too much hair loss

  • It has made me feel more confident.

  • Its a fantastic product I love it

  • Much more confident that my hair looks normal again.

  • Now - after using BOOSTNBLEND® I never give my hair another thought - I know it looks full and NO pink spaces are visible - So happy to have discovered BOOSTNBLEND® - thank you for a great product!!

  • Well, since discovered Boost n Blend I feel MUCH more attractive. I go to restaurants and parties without thinking all the time: Can people see that I have bald patches? I am more confident now. Thank you BOOSTNBLEND® !

  • BOOSTNBLEND® gives me more confidence to carry on with normal life such as shopping trips etc

  • I don't have to wash hair as often and colour lasts longer, hair has more body, yippee!!

  • I had been searching for something like this product for a few years & was so glad to discover it online.It makes a difference to the finished look of my hair for the better! In addition to thickening my hair it masks the greys at root level when I am due for a colour. The overall result is a big improvement - Thanks!

  • BOOSTNBLEND® is the exact solution to my thin hair problem short of growing more hair!
  • My daughter is to be married soon I feel more confident that I will look ok in the wedding photos.
  • With BOOSTNBLEND® my hair does not seem so sparse because it covers the balding patches on my scalp after each shampoo
  • Boost n Blend has been great for me, My scalp you now can barely see, I can step out feeling confident and good, No need for a headscarf, hat or hood!
  • It's made me a much happier person and I love the way my hair looks now, I feel really good about my appearance.
  • I am lots more at ease in company
  • More than me I recommended it to my sister who has had more hair loss - she complains less about the problem no and will always use it - thanks BOOSTNBLEND®
  • Self esteem increased instantly. I saw my own face appear so much happier after the first go. I nearly didn't recogniZe the smile! I literally bounced around the office all day. So while a thank you doesn't seem enough, thank you very much for making me bounce back!
  • My self esteem has increased and I feel that I can participate in social events once again
  • I am no longer worried about my hair appearance....I can worry now about other things, hehehe. Thank you for solving this problem for me
  • It hides weak spots and lasts a day so improves confidence
  • Not worried when the wind blows now as boost n blend covers any thin spots or regrowth
  • Feel so good about my hair and overall presentation now.
  • It has given me confidence, I know I can look my best without the worry of scalp showing
  • Certainly makes it look as though I've got a much fuller head of hair
  • It definitely makes me feel less self conscious and a bit more human!
  • I have much more confidence. I even like going to the hairdresser now. I feel sexier and NORMAL
  • BOOSTNBLEND® has made me feel 'normal' again!
  • I thought my hair was thinning, but it was my regrowth growing back really fast and because I have black hair, my regrowth is white, almost transparent, which looks like thinning hair, now if I haven't had time to colour my regrowth, I just tap some BOOSTNBLEND® onto my fringe zone, or middle part and it's just amazing, saves so much time and embarrassment, such an amazing product!
  • Its a great cover up. Quick and easy to use.
  • My daily hair routine is easier and not as stressful as before I used BOOSTNBLEND®.

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