Lisa, Adelaide

Lisa, Adelaide

Thank you to Lisa from Adelaide who sent us this lovely email last week. She has lots of good ideas so we just had to share them with you...

"I have told several friends about Boost n Blend and they are thinking of buying it too. I couldn’t believe when I started losing my hair due to menopause just how many women are like me. It made me feel better knowing I am one of millions of women who suffer some sort of hair loss. I am praying that mine gets back to normal once my hormones sort themselves out. It’s been 10 years since I started menopause and I have suffered terribly with lots of symptoms.

I have started taking 10,000 micrograms of Biotin a day plus 10 drops of Biosil along with a multi B tablet and I really think that is helping. They say Biotin is safe to use in higher doses. I will try anything. Also I have started adding Tea Tree oil into my shampoo, just some drops in my palm with the shampoo (Niocin and another shampoo called Nac which has a spray after shampooing) and that has really made my hair look and feel thicker plus it makes it shine! A Biovea hair and scalp gel plus a bit of TT oil for styling has been great too. The TT oil does not make it greasy at all. In fact too much may be a little drying. That’s interesting for an oil.

Thanks so much for your product. I still can’t believe it doesn’t come out after I sprinkle it on with or without hair spray. Well done! X"

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