Shape and Shine Mist
I have been using the shape and shine mist for a few weeks now and I love how it makes my hair feel and look. My hair has so much more volume and it looks healthy, before my hair felt...
Very Good
I’m a first time customer to Boost N Blend. I couldnt be happier with my product and the service is excellent and also the ongoing connection with customers! Well done!
Patricia B
It was great so easy to use and such pleasing results, to be honest which of course I always am, I am over the moon with all my Boost and Blend items.I have full looking hair and it is nice...
Jeannie L
Hi Bambi. Thank God i discovered your amazing product. Both my older sisters had very fine hair by their 60s and it made them look older. Once again. Thank You. 
Nina M
Thank you for this wonderful product. It really works. I have a lots of hair, but because my hair us complete white it show my scalp in some areas were it parts. This product actually covers those areas and also...
Rosie P
My overall experience with Boost N Blend has been a very positive one. I use it when I go out or need it, makes me feel confident. Thanks again!
Darrel B
The product has delivered what it claims. My usually fine thin hair is much fuller in volume after I use the Frizz Free Volume spray and my sensitive scalp is not irritated by the product.
I love love love this product! It’s super easy to use and it works brilliantly! A life saver and life changer. Any woman who is going through hair thinning, or as in my case, has had an injury that has...
Jules Taylor
Excellent product - covers my thinning patches on both sides really well - love the fact that the product is vegan - highly recommended
I love the Boost N Blend hair loss concealer! My stress levels have dropped knowing I can manage my visible hair loss without great expense or further damage to my sensitive skin. I would TOTALLY recommend this product. Thanks Boost...
I had bought a wig to hide my thin hair BUT after finding Boost N Blend I will never use the wig again. It is fabulous and I feel so confident.
I am so happy with this product. I can cover the VERY thinning patches well and when I look in the mirror I no longer feel depressed. Would recommend this product to everyone who has a thinning hair or almost...
Amanda Sharpe
I cannot praise the quality of the range of Boost and Blend producrs highly enough. The service is great and they really do change your life if you are a woman suffering from thinning hair and a sparse or balding...
Thicker looking hair
I love this product, I have some spots that are sparse, I just sprinkle it on, and simply gives me more confidence. Does not run!
Suzie B
I just started using Boost and Blend. Love it! I hated Toppik, it made my head feel dirty and made my scalp itch. Boost and Blend feels like its not there, yet it works!
Sophie, WA
I ordered a boost n blend package a couple of weeks ago and I have just given it a try tonight and I just want to say Thank you! It is amazing! I used to be a hairdresser and I...
Amanda, Sydney
I discovered your product on a blog and it is amazing!  I'm in my mid-40s and unfortunately have thinning hair. With the help of your product, I have my self-esteem back and no longer dread doing my hair. I'm now...
Miki, Vic
I received my first boost and blend product today. The purse size platinum blonde. I just tried it at work and oh my god this is amazing. I am going to order for my mother, she will be just as...
Amazing product - such a great idea! I didn't want to put chemicals on already thinning hair so this is my saviour! I've got my confidence back and am enjoying different hairstyles without having to worry, Thanks Bootsnblend this is...
Thank you Bambi for your great quick and easy service. I simply love this product and since discovering it (after much internet research), I can no longer live without it. I use it every day. I have heaps of hair...
Lynette, Camden NSW
I absolutely love BoostnBlend. I have dyed dark hair which has thinned out all over. I can once again wear my hair in a high pony tail by shaking a small amount of BoostnBlend over the thinner areas and set...
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