Voretta, Queensland

Voretta, Queensland

Wow! this product is the BEST!!!

I started to notice my hair thinning about 6yrs ago ( I am now 44yrs). I tried soooo many different products, but nothing worked. I noticed my part was getting wider and wider and my scalp was so visible I would try all sorts of hair styles to try and cover it up – but nothing gave me any confidence.

I came across Boost n Blend by accident on the internet and it got me interested. I have spent sooo much money on gimmicks before I was alittle sceptical at first but decided to try. (You never give up when you are so self conscious).

It was amazing ----- why hadn’t i heard of this before ???. This product has given me confidence to be able to go out and not worry if my scalp is showing or if people are staring at me.  The coverage is fantastic and I actually like my hair now.

Already decided on my next colour so I can mix together to get even better results.

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