More Top Tips for Added Hair Volume
Enjoy Part 2 in our Volume Boosting Tips and Tricks for women with thinning hair series. We share our top tricks for achieving increased Hair Volume here and hope it helps you to achieve gorgeous thick locks!
Does this cause Hair Loss? 8 Myths about Hair Loss Debunked
Does this cause hair loss? The Internet is full of myths about hair loss! Some are totally left field, and some do leave people wondering, could this be true? We have the answers.
The best leave-in conditioner for thin hair

Leave-in conditioner often weighs down fine, thin or thinning hair and leaves it looking limp and greasy. The new Boost N Blend Shape and Shine Mist is an amazing solution for women with thinning hair as the light, hydrating mist has been designed to condition, repair and add lustre and shine without unwanted weight!


5 Common Hair Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
Are you making these common hair damaging mistakes? We are all striving for the best hair we can manage, but could your daily routine be making your hair quality and quantity much worse than it needs to be?
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