Is stress causing my hair loss
With so much going on, it’s no wonder many of us feel a continual level of stress. Have you paused to think what kind of impact stress is having on your hair? Why does this happen? And what can we do about it.
Does this cause Hair Loss? 8 Myths about Hair Loss Debunked
Does this cause hair loss? The Internet is full of myths about hair loss! Some are totally left field, and some do leave people wondering, could this be true? We have the answers.
Do Volumising Shampoos Really Work?
Volumising shampoos and conditioners all promise the ultimate dream of thick, luscious locks but the quest for volume can sometimes feel entirely fruitless. Here we explain why certain products may not be working and what to look for instead.
International Women's Day, 2021: Grow your Confidence

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence” - Beyonce.
Would describe yourself as confident? Or is it a feeling you seem to be searching for; elusive, out of reach, but overflowing in other women you know? Women who seem fearless, who carry themselves with such grace and determination.

What's the difference between Hair Toppers and Wigs?
Women who struggle with hair loss, often consider wearing wigs and hair pieces (also known as toppers) to help disguise thinning hair or visible scalp areas. Wigs and hair toppers can be very useful to women with thinning hair. Whether you're searching for human hair wigs, synthetic wigs or the best clip on hair topper you can find, there's plenty to consider...
Hair Loss Caused by Stress - Could it be Covid-19?
Excess hair in the shower drain, hair shedding during the day, extra hair on the pillow in the morning are all signs of hair loss that could be caused by stress. In our Covid-19 times, it is very possible that the stress caused by fear of the pandemic, job loss, family and relationship stress, could be all be contributing to hair loss.
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