Inspirational Women over 40: Tracy Grimshaw

Inspirational Women over 40: Tracy Grimshaw

This is the first in our series, Inspirational Women over 40. BOOSTnBLEND women are inspired and confident women, many of whom devote their lives and their loves to others. We hear incredible stories from our lovely ladies, in particular about getting to this wonderful middle age and the challenges it brings – amongst other things – with our hair.

Tracy Grimshaw has been gracing our televisions for decades and she shows no signs of slowing down. She has had her share of ups and downs in the spotlight but has managed to maintain her strength, dignity and good humour throughout it all, and that’s why we love her.

Starting her career with Channel Nine in the early 80s, Tracy quickly rose through the ranks in an era when female journalists existed only to cover the ‘fluff’ stories. Fast-forward 30 years and Tracy is surrounded by plenty of other iconic women over 40 in prominent television roles such as Lisa Wilkinson, Natalie Barr, Kylie Gillies, Chris Bath and Sandra Sully.

She is often credited with turning A Current Affair around from covering what she called “nasty” stories about “neighbours yelling at each other over the fence” (The Sunday Telegraph, 2010) to a more respected nightly affairs program with longer stories and uncut interviews.

This didn’t stop her from being at the centre of her own “nasty” story, however, when Gordon Ramsay came to town in 2009. We won’t repeat the horrible things that he spouted, but let’s just say that Tracy had the last word. She also effortlessly laughed off a nude scandal in the Crown Casino (yes, really) and tore strips of a popular women’s magazine for fabricating a story about her. She’s gutsy yet approachable, successful, yet humble.  

Tracy is also notably private, never talking about her relationships in the media, something which may frustrate the tabloids but projects a quiet dignity to the rest of us normal folk who are more interested in the inspirational career woman she is, than who she’s sleeping with.

So thanks, Tracy, for inspiring BOOSTnBLEND ladies everywhere. We hope to see you on our screens for many years to come.

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