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    Boost N Blend™ is the first hair thickening fiber product developed by women specifically for women. It is not a men's product repurposed for women, it is a women's product, designed with women's hair colors in mind.

    Boost N Blend™ is the latest in NEW technology volumizing micro fibers, made from cotton and does not contain any keratin (derived from animals).

    BoostnBlend vs other fibres

    NEW super volumizing micro fibers developed for women with thinning hair

    Most of the hair fiber products on the market today are made from keratin, however Boost N Blend™ is made from cotton, a natural occurring substance that we wear next to our skin every day. Contains no animal products and therefore Boost N Blend™ is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage. Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils and provides a greater volume boost.

    We trialed both keratin and cotton fibers over two years and found the cotton to be a far superior product. Keratin fiber products are derived from animals and contain a large number of chemicals.

    Excellent Female Color Range

    Our hair colors have been developed in consultation with hair color experts to suit a wide range of color options. Many women color their hair and so it is vital that you choose a fiber product that has been designed for a broad color match to both natural and colored hair. If you are not sure, choose the color closest to your root color. And remember, Boost N Blend™ has the unique ability to blend in with your hair color.

    BOOSTNBLEND colour options

    How does Boost N Blend™ work?

    Boost N Blend™ covers up gaps in your hair or covers visible scalp showing through fine hair, by making each hair shaft appear thicker. Shake on the hair-like micro fibers straight out of the bottle and get an instant result. These micro fibers cling to your existing hair, no matter how fine that hair is. And it works in an instant. It is not a product promising to regrow your hair, it is a product that promises to cover up your thinning hair in only a few seconds.

    Boost N Blend™ is a dry styling product that you fluff in to dry hair. Your hair never grows used to it and the results are consistent for as long as you want to cover up your thinning hair and visible scalp. We even know of ladies whose hair has grown back ** (read it here) while using Boost N Blend™. These ladies have tried some of the medical treatments and while they were waiting for the medical treatment to work, used Boost N Blend™ as a temporary cosmetic solution.

    But does it REALLY work?

    "Your product does everything your advertising said it would do." - Jane, CA

    Women spend so much money on promises. Promises for no wrinkles, thinner thighs, flatter tummies, faster meals, happier children, the list goes on. But sometimes something comes along that offers YOU something that you didn’t think was even possible. If there’s one thing you would really like to sort out, it’s your thinning hair which everyone can see. You can cover up your thighs and tummies, but everyone sees your hair. You deserve just one treat that will ensure your day starts and ends with confidence.

    Purchase  Boost N Blend™ today and we'll rush you a bottle. You are just days away from a new confident you.

    Does Boost N Blend™ work for everyone?

    Boost N Blend™ is only useful if your hair is thinning. It requires some hair to cling to. You cannot use Boost N Blend™ if all your hair has fallen out. You cannot use it on a totally bald area. Boost N Blend™ hair-like micro fibers cling to hair making it look thicker. Check out these photos and you will see why Boost N Blend™ needs some hair to cling to. But as long as you have some hair, even if it is very fine hair, Boost N Blend™ will work for you. 


    ** Boost N Blend™ does not cause hair to grow back. Boost N Blend™ is not a hair regrowth product. It is a cosmetic cover up. It can be used in conjunction with medications and topical treatments designed to regrow hair, but by itself, it will not cause hair to regrow.

    * Price based on average competition 10.3g (0.36 oz) size bottle