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Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem worrying millions of women every day. There are a few tips and tricks to making your hair appear thicker which we've covered for you below. Applying BOOSTNBLEND® is one of the first tricks you may not have heard about till now. BOOSTNBLEND® is the first cosmetic concealer specially designed for women with thinning hair.

Order your bottle of BOOSTNBLEND® today and we will rush it to you in a matter of days. In the meantime, try some of our other tips for disguising thinning hair below.

We hope you are feeling more confident any day now with a quick shake of BOOSTNBLEND® volumizing microfibres. And a new confident you!

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So often we notice a woman with a thinning hair problem because she parts her hair in a straight line. You have seen the zigzag part used by many stars and famous women in magazines on a regular basis. Well zigzag parts are not just for the famous! You can easily do it yourself.

Play around with your part and work out what works best for you. Apply a little BOOSTNBLEND® on your usual part line and then using a comb, make your zigzag and then apply a bit more BOOSTNBLEND®. Using your fingers to pat or fluff it in, and you're sure to have much less scalp showing!


We are surprised when women send us their photos of their thinning hair and we notice it is just too long. We know and understand that if your hair is thinning, you want to give the impression of more hair. It might appear that longer hair gives the impression of thicker hair, but in fact, it is usually the opposite. When thinning hair is long, it tends to do two things to make the problem appear worse. First, because of the extra weight, it drags your hair down so it tends to sit closer to the top of your head, exposing your scalp. Second, if your hair is thin throughout, then the visual effect of long, thin hair gives a more obvious, overall impression of thin hair.

Try going for a shorter style and once your hair is lighter it will make it easier to lift your hair away from your scalp. Then apply BOOSTNBLEND® to your hair near your scalp and with less weight and less of the drag effect, your hair will appear thicker.


It should come as no surprise to hear that a blunt hair cut gives the impression of thicker hair. The reason for this is that all your hair is ended sharply in one straight line. When thin hair is layered, it can make it look thinner at the ends. Give a blunt cut a try next time you are feeling like a change.


Back combing or teasing your hair at the roots does have the effect of lifting your hair and with some BOOSTNBLEND® it will appear thicker. But just be careful with back combing because if your hair tends to fall out, heavy back combing over a long period of time can make the problem worse.



After applying your BOOSTNBLEND®, using one hand, lift your hair at the roots and spray under the hair with a firm hold hairspray. This slight lift can help to keep your hair looking bouncy and will also assist to keep your style camera-ready all day long.