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    FACT: Eighty percent of women have noticeably thinner hair by the time they are 60 years of age.

    You might have been prepared for common menopause symptoms like hot flushes, but you may not have expected to experience thinning hair. Despite the fact that menopause is a common cause of hair loss in women, it still takes a lot of us by surprise. So what what is the connection between menopause and hair loss?

    As you probably know, estrogen levels decline during menopause whilst testosterone levels increase. What you may not know, however, is that estrogen is important for promoting hair growth. This means that as we lose estrogen, we lose the ability to grow strong, youthful hair. Some areas of your scalp may stop producing hair, whilst the hair that does grow is likely to be thinner than before.

    So is there anything that you can do about hair loss in women after menopause? Luckily, the answer is, “Yes!”

    Firstly, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor and let him/her know you are experiencing some post-menopausal hair loss. They can order some blood tests which will help to determine the cause. Perhaps it's a drop in estrogen or maybe there is some other deficiency that can lead to hair loss in women. The sorts of things they will check for are your iron levels, B vitamin levels and thyroid function; all of which can be key players in causing thinning hair in women.

    Are you stressed?

    Stressful life events such as divorce, a death in the family or the diagnosis of a loved one with a serious illness can take a toll on your body. When your body is struggling, it often chooses to stop worrying about growing hair for a while, since it is not essential for our survival. For this reason, stress is a leading cause of thinning hair in women and should be explored as a possible cause of your hair loss. 

    There are many other causes of hair loss which you may want to think about too. Read more about the causes of hair loss in women here.



    Did you know there is a simple shake in product that can cover up thinning hair for women?

    The women at Boost N Blend™ have developed a shake in hair-thickening volumizer just for women. And it works in just a few seconds.


    Just like applying makeup every day to give your face a younger, smoother look, a shake on hair fiber concealer covers up thinning hair, instantly.

    Our ladies on staff here at Boost N Blend™ use it every day too. Also we talk to ladies with thinning hair every day and so we know how you feel if you are concerned about the loss of the hair of your younger days. We all expect to get wrinkles and, although we would rather we didn't, at least when they start to appear it isn't a such a surprise. But when our hair starts to thin out as we age, it is an enormous shock.

    Treat yourself to thicker looking hair and the confidence to know that your hair is looking fabulous again!

    Here's what June in Florida told us just the other day:

    "I was having coffee with a friend the other day and she said she was amazed that my hair seemed to be getting thicker with age. She commented that she thought it usually went the other way. I just smiled and said nothing! Thanks Boost N Blend™" - June, FL

    Boost N Blend™ hair-like micro fibers are made from natural cotton that just shakes on, blends in and makes hair instantly look thicker. Tiny hair-like fibers blend in to become completely undetectable and in just a few seconds, thinning hair and visible scalp is gone.

     Hairloss in women after menopause

    Are you ready to walk out the door for the first time with confidence knowing that your hair looks just as thick as it once did?

    Ok, so it's pretty simple:

    Choose the closest hair color. Note that Boost N Blend™ blends in so well that you only need to choose the color closest to your desired color. An exact match isn't necessary.

    hair loss and menopause - natural hair thickening treatment colour shades

    Where can I buy Boost N Blend™ ?

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    UK & EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS: Buy from our UK website here.




    We have hundreds of reviews and thousands of happy customers. Check out the reviews page here and read for yourself what other women are saying about Boost N Blend™. Women are compelled to write to us every day just to say how happy they are with Boost N Blend™. You have probably tried many products for thinning hair that ended up being full of empty promises. We hear you!  So read for yourself what other women say. Some have been so devastated by their thinning hair. You will see the renewed confidence they get from Boost N Blend™ as their words speak for themselves.


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