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    Save time and money with this instant, natural shake in hair thickener for women with fine, thin or thinning hair. 

    woman on couch with tea


    Female Hair Thickening Products that actually work!

    Boost N Blend™ Female Hair Fibers is a cosmetic hair loss concealer designed by women for women. 

    Millions of tiny, hair-like fibers that BLEND IN with your natural hair color to cover up visible scalp. Our cotton, vegan friendly female hair fibers are the super clingy, low chemical and natural solution to making hair look much, much thicker.

    What are Female Hair Fibers?

    Female Hair Fibers are cruelty free, vegan, plant based hair fibers specifically designed for women who don't want to add more chemicals to their hair. Female Hair fibers are naturally made from the cotton plant. They will super cling to each hair shaft, making it up to ten times thicker. They are uniquely formulated to not run and are completely color fast. 


    Not a problem! Boost N Blend™ is a cosmetic hair loss concealer that works by instantly restoring the volume of your hair at the scalp and covering up any thin areas of hair where scalp is visible. Just shake it on and blend it in. It’s that easy. Not sure what's causing your thinning hair? We've got the low down here. Causes of thinning hair in women.



    Use Boost N Blend to add extra body to your roots. Soaks up oils and adds an instant volume boost!

    Boost N Blend is made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that cling to your hair making each hair appear thicker.

    Jennifer from Fremont, CA says "I love this product so much more than the spray scalp cover up. It’s light weight and doesn’t cause any irritation to my scalp. You don’t need a lot of the product to cover the area and it stays in place. With other powder products I feel you need a lot more to cover the area. Highly recommend!!"


    Boost n Blend micro fibers for thinning hair in women microscope

    Boost N Blend is a unique blend of natural and extremely fine cotton micro fibers that look and feel just like hair. When you apply them to your thinning area, they blend in with your natural hair color and disguise any unsightly and embarrassing gaps. Boost N Blend is an instant cosmetic makeover that lasts until you next wash your hair. In just a few seconds you can transform your whole look and walk out the door feeling fabulous.


    Boost n Blend micro fibres clinging to hair fuller hair thickening fibres


    Apply Boost N Blend female hair fibers by simply shaking them on to your hair at the roots. Just turn the bottle upside down, shake, blend in with your fingertips and see the difference.  

    For years men have been working on products to cover up their thinning hair. But this one is for us, ladies! Specifically developed by women for women. All our colors are specifically designed to match female hair colors. It took a woman suffering hair loss to come up with the idea and develop the product!

    There are lots of surgical and non-surgical treatments and you may have tried them all or are planning to. The good news is Boost N Blend can be used in conjunction with most hair loss treatments and is especially useful while you are undergoing treatment and waiting for the results. 

    Female Hair Loss is complex and there are dozens of causes of hair loss in women. We have a comprehensive explanation of the causes of female hair loss here

    There are days when I dread looking in the mirror because of my thinning hair. Days when I want to hide away from the world. Boost N Blend helps me to face both the mirror and the world by camouflaging my thinning hair. Now people look me in the eye instead of averting their eyes to my scalp. Holly, Louisville CO"


    Boost N Blend has been specially formulated in colors that closely resemble those of a woman's hair. Note in the picture below the way Boost N Blend fibers blend in with the hair. The women's natural color is salt and pepper and we have used Dusky Dark Brown which, as you can see deploys our unique color blend technology, to BLEND in with her natural shade.  Boost N Blend provides a seamless fusion that blends in perfectly with all female hair shades.

    Female hair Fibres close up image


    This is not trick photography. These photos were taken here in our offices using a Kaiser Baas digital microscope on real hair before and after a single application of Boost N Blend.


    Boost N Blend colour range image


    Boost N Blend is the only female hair fiber product made by women for women in a range of colors to suit women!

    Our hair colors have been developed in consultation with hair color experts to suit a wide range of color options. Many women color their hair and so it is vital that you choose a fiber product that has been designed for a broad color match to both natural and colored hair.

    If you are not sure, choose the color closest to your root color. And remember, Boost N Blend has the unique ability to blend in with your hair color.


    Female Hair Fibers are totally different to men's/unisex hair fibers. For one thing, men's hair in both color and texture is totally different to women's hair colors. So that's why a unisex product just doesn't work for both sexes. Keratin hair fibers were developed for men some 40 years ago and not much has changed. Other than, capitalizing on women's hair loss struggles, now all the  men's products call themselves unisex products and have photos of women on their websites.

    But don't be fooled! There is only one exclusively female hair fiber brand the world over and that is Boost N Blend. Our hair fibers are used by countless celebrities the world over. Here's a recent photo of our products on the set of a new movie "One Shot" currently being filmed in the UK.

    Boost N Blend used by celebrity on film set



    Most of the hair fiber products on the market today are made from keratin, however Boost N Blend is made from cotton, a natural occurring substance that we wear next to our skin every day. Boost N Blend is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage. Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils, acting like a dry shampoo, as well as providing a greater volume boost.

    We trialed both keratin and cotton fibers over two years and found the cotton to be a far superior product.


    Boost N Blend covers up gaps in your hair or covers visible scalp showing through fine hair, by making each hair shaft appear thicker.  Shake on the hair-like microfibers straight out of the bottle and get an instant result. These microfibers cling to your existing hair, no matter how fine that hair is. And it works in an instant. It is not a product promising to regrow your hair, it is a product that promises to cover up your thinning hair in only a few seconds.

    Boost N Blend is a dry styling product that you fluff in to dry hair. Your hair never grows used to it and the results are consistent for as long as you want to cover up your thinning hair and visible scalp. We even know of ladies whose hair has grown back while using Boost N Blend. These ladies have tried some of the medical treatments and while they were waiting for the medical treatment to work, used Boost N Blend as a temporary cosmetic solution.



    "Your product does everything your advertising said it would do" Jackie, NSW

    Read our reviews here and see some before and after photos of real customers.

    Women spend so much money on promises. Promises for no wrinkles, thinner thighs, flatter tummies, faster meals, happier children, the list goes on. But sometimes something comes along that offers YOU something that you didn’t think was even possible. If there’s one thing you would really like to sort out, it’s your thinning hair which everyone can see. We can cover up your thighs and tummies, but everyone sees our hair. You deserve just one treat that will ensure your day starts and ends with confidence.

    But don't just take it from us, watch one of our lovely customers apply it here:

    Purchase Boost N Blend today and we'll rush you a bottle. You are just days away from a new confident you.

    Is your hair lifeless, fine, thin or thinning?

    Boost N Blend is the latest in hair volumizing technology in hair styling products for women with thin and thinning hair. Millions of tiny volumizing micro fibers shake on and cling to ultra fine hair giving the appearance of fuller looking locks!

    Is you scalp visible through your fine hair? Not a problem for Boost N Blend. A couple of shakes in the color that best suits your shade, and your hair instantly looks fuller.

    Fine and Flat Hair

    Is your hair fine and flat and oily looking on day two? Not a problem for Boost N Blend. These tiny volumizing micro fibers blend in to not only soak up those pesky oils, but will give the appearance of thicker looking hair at the same time.

    This effect below took just a few minutes. We applied Boost N Blend Iced Platinum Blonde and worked it into the roots. Then applied some more Boost N Blend on the surface of the hair. Boost N Blend™ soaks up oils, covers dark roots (and light roots too) and provides an instant volume and color boost!

    Use foils to lighten your hair?

    Do you use foils to lighten your hair? Great! Then Boost N Blend will be perfect to shake on regrowth to disguise those dark roots. Simply shake on a light color (we recommend Ice Platinum Blonde or Bold Buff Blonde).

    No matter what your fine, thin or thinning hair problem, Boost N Blend can make a difference!   

    Get the latest styling volumizing product and get on with your busy day with confidence.


    Boost N Blend before and after image



    Yes! Boost N Blend is perfect for fine, thin or thinning hair, oily or dry, strong or weak. We offer a money back guarantee because we know that once you have tried Boost N Blend you will be so amazed that you will be coming back for more and recommending it to your friends!

    How do you buy BOOST N BLEND?

    Choose the color that is right for you. Not sure which color? No worries.

    Choose the color that is closest to your root color, If you are between two colors, choose the darker of the two. The idea is to ensure your scalp and roots are in shadow, that way, no one will notice them and that's the whole idea!

    Once you have chosen your color, click here or below to have your Boost N Blend sent to you ASAP. And don't worry, in the unlikely event you can't get the Boost N Blend to work for you, we offer a money back guarantee. 

    BUT ALSO... we will swap the color for you for free if you accidentally buy the wrong color.

    What could be better than that? Nothing to lose and everything to gain.