RootZ Gray Root Concealer

Keep your color fresh with RootZ! The reflective color pigments in this professionally designed powder, cling to your hair easily covering gray & regrowth. RootZ lasts between washes, won’t rub off & is easy to apply!

What is RootZ Gray Root Cover Up?

RootZ is a brush on powder. It comes as a solid powder in a compact with a versatile two-way application brush. It is a brilliant addition to our range as our products complement each other and leave you with your best hair yet!

There are just so many things you can do with this amazing new product:

  • Cover gray at the roots in your part
  • Hide graying at your temples and along your hairline
  • Conceal your scalp
  • Lengthen the time between your hair appointments
  • Thicken, darken and shape your eyebrows

How do you use RootZ?

You can brush RootZ on to wet or dry hair and can use it on your scalp as well as your roots. It's perfect for concealing gray and hiding those pesky thinning patches in your fringe. It's a lifesaver when it comes to having regrowth especially when you can't get to the salon as regularly as you need to - save yourself some of the expense and hassle!

For thinning hair:

Simply pull forward a thin row of wet hair on your hairline. Paint the roots and scalp with RootZ Instant Root Cover Up and then pull another row forward and repeat. The end result is no visible scalp showing your fringe, which is something most women are very conscious of! You can then apply Boost N Blend™ as usual to the rest of the top of your  head and crown.

Buy RootZ Grey Cover Up for thinning hair

For gray part line and regrowth:

No time to get to the salon? Keep a supply of RootZ in your bathroom cupboard for that last minute touch up. Simply use the broader end of the brush to paint your gray regrowth out with RootZ Instant Root Cover Up. Paint around your face and hairline, or along your part line, wherever those pesky grays are visible. You can paint it on wet or dry hair.

If you also use Boost N Blend™, then no problem, just apply as usual.

RootZ Gray Root Concealer

Did we mention the versatile application brush?

Of course we did... but why does it have two sides!?! Well that's another added bonus with NEW! RootZ: It can also be used on your eyebrows! The wider, thicker side of the application brush allows you to apply RootZ to larger areas like your part or fringe with a few easy strokes. The smaller, rounded side of the brush allows you to apply RootZ to your eyebrows and fill in any thin areas as well as recolor and revitalize your brows for a more youthful, full look.

How to use RootZ on your eyebrows:

RootZ can be applied to create thick, lush and shapely eyebrows. Simply use the small end of the applicator brush to shape and thicken your brows.The effects will be instant and glamorous especially in instances where thinner brows have been bothering you.

What colors are available in the RootZ range?

RootZ comes in 4 handy colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown. These shades are generally the ones that cause women the most stress when it comes to regrowth as there's just no hiding a pesky gray (or 80!) in among a lush handful of darker colored tresses.

RootZ Gray Root Concealer Light BrownRootZ Gray Root Concealer Medium BrownRootZ Gray Root Concealer Dark BrownRootZ Gray Root Concealer Black


What makes RootZ better than other products out there?

NO WAX. Some grey root concealers contain wax which means they have to be washed out before dyeing your hair, as hair color doesn't stick to the waxy coating. RootZ is completely wax free.

NO MESS. Root cover up sprays can be messy with brown sludge leaking out of the nozzle - think about your white shirts and bathroom counters... EEEK! Sprays also lack control and can coat your part line. RootZ just paints on with a nifty little brush and is easy to handle and control with no messy spray or leakage to worry about.

WATERPROOF: RootZ stays in when swimming and in the rain, and then washes out easily with shampoo.