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How to make Thin Hair Fat

Learn to improve your hair's density, quality and growth with the advice in this NEW BOOK!


How to make thin hair fat

Trained Nurse, Hair Loss Expert and creator of Boost N Blend™, Bambi Staveley, takes you on a personal hair loss journey in her book, HOW TO MAKE THIN HAIR FAT.

This book has helped thousands of women just like you. Read about Bambi's own battle with female pattern hair loss and thinning hair and find out how she's got the thicker hair she has today. There is nothing more powerful than the drive to solve an embarrassing problem especially when it affects you on a deep personal level and has the ability to affect your behaviour in everyday situations. Three years of Bambi's research, and her wisdom as a trained nurse, ensures that this easy-to-read book contains dozens of valuable tips and solutions for unexpected thinning hair in women.

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  • “If only I’d read this sooner”
  • “My hair is finally looking thicker”

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A note from the Author and a sneak peek at the first page:

You are not alone.

I suffered sudden, unexpected and visibly noticeable hair thinning in my forties as a result of a hormonal imbalance caused by surgery. This problem, perhaps seemingly small to some, changed my life in many subtle and some not-so subtle ways.

No doubt like you, I searched the Internet to answer my many questions.

Is this something that happens to other women? What has caused this? Is this permanent? Will it get worse? What can I do about it?

The answers were frustratingly lacking. Hair loss in men dominates the hair loss landscape; hair loss in women, although acknowledged, seems to have very little share of the online voice around the topic of hair loss.

During my many hours of online research into this phenomenon, I discovered that this problem for women, was on the rise. I learnt that women all over the world were suffering from thinning hair; yet I also discovered, to my horror, that most of the cosmetic solutions available were for men!

As a trained nurse with experience in mental health, I was acutely aware of the damage this kind of visible condition could do to a woman’s self-esteem. Further, with many years in marketing and as an entrepreneur (an extremely rare combination of career choices and skills, I admit), not to mention my personal lived experience, I was fast realising my life was about to change.

First and foremost, and like any nurse would do, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work to find a solution which could work for me and best of all, help others.

The fact that most of the cosmetic solutions available on the market had been developed for men was an interesting phenomenon. How often have we seen a cosmetic for men, let alone one where there wasn’t really even a female equivalent?

This book is about helping women with unexpected, sudden or gradual hair thinning and hair loss. In addition, for women suffering complete hair loss due to chemotherapy and the like, this book offers hope for thickening up regrowth when that time comes.

There is an enormous gap in the hair loss world (excuse the pun) of advice and products catering to women for whom hair thinning or hair loss is completely unexpected. So, as well as providing some suggested solutions, this book offers information for women who are trying to figure out what could be causing their hair to thin out, and provides some thoughts on what can be done about it...

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