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You deserve one treat that will ensure your day starts and ends with confidence.

Before and Afters

Before shows widening part as well as grays showing through. After a few shakes of BOOSTNBLEND® , grays and widening part are gone.
Thinning for women over 60 is easily covered with a few shakes of BOOSTNBLEND®. Other women will wonder how your hair is getting thicker with age when everyone else's is getting thinner.
A widening part with gray showing through is easily disguised with a few shakes of BOOSTNBLEND® Midnight Shadow Black Hair Thickening Fibers.
Inherited thinning can be covered instantly with BOOSTNBLEND®. Even with foils, the BOOSTNBLEND® colors, designed by women for women, can be used to hide visible scalp. Smooth Medium Brown or Dusky Dark Brown would cover well.
Conscious of a visible thinning crown? A few shakes of Bold Buff Blonde has made all the difference here.