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Hair Volume Boosting Tips

More Top Tips for Added Hair Volume

Enjoy Part 2 in our Volume Boosting Tips and Tricks for women with thinning hair series. We share our top tricks for achieving increased Hair Volume here and hope it helps you to achieve gorgeous thick locks!

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3 top tips to cover grey hair


When those pesky gray hairs start to appear, many women look for a quick solution to cover them as quickly as possible. If you're finding it’s getting harder to cover the greys between salon appointments, try these tips at home. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Female Hair Loss Stories

Boost N Blend Female Hair Loss Stories

Female Hair Loss Influencer, Kim Dubs, discusses her hair loss journey with us in this comprehensive interview. I first started experiencing hair loss when I was around 20 years old (I'm 27 now) when I switched birth control types, from a really low dosage pill to a much higher one. 

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What's the difference between hair toppers and wigs?

The Difference Between Toppers & Wigs

Women who struggle with hair loss, often consider wearing wigs and hair pieces (also known as toppers) to help disguise thinning hair or visible scalp areas. Wigs and hair toppers can be very useful to women with thinning hair. Whether you're searching for human hair wigs...

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Does caffeine shampoo help to grow hair?

Does caffeine shampoo help to grow hair?

In 2007, a German study showed some evidence that caffeine was able to stimulate hair follicles and activate hair growth under laboratory conditions. This prompted the production of various caffeine-based shampoos, including Alepecin, which claim to aid hair growth, 

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Boost N Blend New Branding

New Bottle, New Look?

Boost N Blend has had a makeover! Check out our exciting new look and our fabulous new bottles with better, easier application. The contents however, are still the same high quality female hair fibres loved the world over by hundreds of thousands of women.

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Cure female hair loss

The 2 Things I Did For New Hair Growth

Eight years ago, while on holiday overseas, my hair came out in clumps. I remember standing in the hotel bathroom pulling my hair away from my head. I was absolutely gutted and worried sick. As I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, I tried to imagine me without any hair.


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